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Reaching More Workers, More Partnerships, Better Features, Proven Results + More: 2022 in Review

2022 was a pivotal year for supply chain human rights due diligence. Globally, governments, investors and consumers are demanding more corporate accountability for human rights. These new mandates have increased global awareness of the importance rigorous programs protect and monitor human rights throughout supply chains and highlighted the faults of many existing tools.

At Labor Solutions, we are energized by the global wake up call. We saw new stakeholders come to the table to discuss the social impact of businesses and salient human rights issues effecting supply chains. Labor Solutions’ tried and tested tools proved to be key to helping companies reach and go beyond new due diligence requirements. As a result, our business doubled.


Labor Solutions tools are unique in the industry. Our subscription model means, once implemented, workers have ongoing, unlimited access to tools to help them be heard, empowered and provide them with access to key information. Now 1.5 million workers have active access to our tools.

Over 90% of clients return annually. And in 2022 a majority of Labor Solutions’ clients increased the number of sites and workers covered by WOVO.

As a result, by the end of 2022, more workers around the world feel heard and are educated, protected, and respected at their workplaces.

  • A million workers now have access to safe and anonymous channel to ask a question, give a suggestion or report a concern.

  • Over 250,000 cases were closed with a 88% satisfaction rating.

  • Nearly 150,000 learning sessions were completed on rights and responsibilities, professional growth and personal wellbeing (on WOVO-- even more were completed outside of WOVO through our partners)

  • Surveyed over a million workers globally


Labor Solutions partnered with organizations like Better Work, FiftyEight, the Ethical Trade Initiative, ICRW and Arup + Kindling to digitizing courses, reducing duplication and amplifying industry-leading content.

Labor Solutions released 24 new eLearning courses, including a set of core eLearning courses on Fair Working Conditions, Gender Equity, Responsible Recruitment and customized eLearning, equipping workers with necessary knowledge to be safe at workplace.


We pride ourselves on being able to provide global data, and local results. By educating and empowering individual facilities, direct, impactful change is being made on the ground. We heard lots of stories of success this year, our team gathered to discuss some of our favorites. Read our discussion here.


2022 Product Updates

To help our clients scale and meet the global mandates, in 2022, Labor Solutions focused on building systems, data sets and tools to help clients scale to thousands of supplier sites and cover millions of workers.

Read how our team improved access to reach more workers across a more diverse population, added security features to protect workers in high-risk places, added data filters to help users understand specific demographic needs and more.


What’s Ahead for 2023:

Going Deeper into the Supply Chain to Reach More Workers + Integrating Data with ESG to Effect More Change

In 2023, Labor Solutions continues to be committed to our mission to reduce supply chain risks by educating, connecting and engaging workers and suppliers. We believe stakeholders at all levels have a role to play in creating real change for workers. That's why we've built tools that engage all parties.

We know in order to drive change the right people have to have the right data. To that end, in 2023, we'll focus on building more data connections and pathways to make integrating our data into ESG and traceability platforms and datasets easier, like we have with our partners Open Supply Hub.

We'll also continue our thought leadership to define and measure the “S” in ESG and help investors, buyers and others define the role of worker engagement and voice in ESG.

While we've made great strides in amplifying the voices of workers. Millions of workers and stakeholders go unheard. In 2023, we'll focus on digging deeper into the supply chain to capture the voice of everyone, through projects like our current partnership with Rainforest Alliance’s LandScale Project.

Data is a starting place, but data isn't enough. So, as we have for the last decade, in 2023, Labor Solutions will continue to go beyond technology and ensure successful and sustainable implementations through advisory services aimed at supporting and enabling social eco-systems. Our goal is to not only help companies meet corporate due diligence laws but to affect change and improve lives.

We look forward to continued innovation and expansion in 2023. As always, we are thankful for our brand, supplier and multi-stakeholder partners who have supported our success thus far.


Labor Solutions, an impact-focused business, leverages technology to connect, engage and educate workers to build resilient supply chains. Over a million and a half workers in 25 countries have access to Labor Solutions’ worker engagement platform, WOVO.


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