Labor Solutions

Improving the Lives of Workers

Founded in 2013, Labor Solutions, a social enterprise, we help companies identify, prevent and remediate human rights risks throughout supply chains.

We leverage technology to connectengage and educate workers, suppliers and brands, and provide unparalleled data sets to bring  transparency to reduce risks throughout workforces and the supply chain. 

 Our tools are created using user-centric & inclusive design to engage and connect with the entire value chain of stakeholders.

Our team of advisors focus on working with companies to find innovative, practical, sustainable solutions to complex

human rights risks. 


Our History & Our Future 

In 2013 Labor Solutions was founded by Workplace Options, the largest provider of employee wellbeing services. In 2013, we were asked by Nike to extend Workplace Options services into manufacturing units in emerging markets; thus, Labor Solutions was born.


We quickly realized we would need to leverage new technology to achieve greater scale, and by 2020 - after several years of growth within Workplace Options - Labor Solutions became an independent technology company.

Proven Scale

In the Hands of More Workers
Than Any Other Tool in the Industry


Workers Served




Languages Supported

We Are Where You Are


With more than 1.5 million workers served across 25 countries and 24 languages, we have the largest impact footprints in our industry.

We like to say ‘global reach, localized expertise,’ as we have team members around the world as well. Through our broad network and program experience we understand the nuances and challenges of various geographic contexts, and we’re always happy to travel if needed.

Our tools and services are available globally

A Leader in Worker Tech

We are proud to be a ‘trusted advisor’ for worker tech. Beyond merely advising global brands and companies on collecting worker feedback and managing and establishing worker engagement, we also provide tangible solutions to fulfill their needs. We owe this to our masterful tech team, who leverage technologies to build robust and scalable applications, and ensure they run smoothly for our clients.


Founded, Owned + Operated by Women 

Founded in Indonesia, the Labor Solutions’ In-Market Teams have Proven Track Records of Scaling Businesses + On-the Ground Experience.

Elena Fanjul-Debnam, CEO, Labor Solution
Elena Fanjul - Debnam

Co-Founder + CEO

Budiman Wiksara


Bijie Li, Labor Solutions
Bijie Li

Senior Vice President, Client Services 

Lordi, Labor Solutions
Lordiclaire Suriawinata

Vice President. Product + Innovation 

Sheila Schulze_Labor Solutions
Sheila Shultz

Senior Director, eLearning 

Khuswinda Hapsari (Winda)

Director, Operational Success

Khuswinda, Labor Solutions
Saba Oruj

Senior Director, Product + Delivery

Jen Green

Senior Director, Partnerships + Content 

Pradeep Paul, Labor Solutions
Pradeep Paul 

Senior Director, Client Excellence

Zuzana Mocilenkova

Principal Advisor 

Zuzana Mocilenkova, Labor Solutions
Nakul, Labor Solutions
Nakul Sulur

Senior Director, Product Management + Tech

Dom , Labor Solutions
Dominic Revell

Director, eLearning

Xiaowen Han (Wendy)

Sr. Manager, Worker Engagement 

Xiaowen Han, Wendy, Labor Solutions
Cecilia Menicucci, Labor Solutions
Cecilia Menicucci

Sr. Manager, Client Excellence, 

Europe + Latin America 

Anh Nguyen

Sr. Manager, Client Excellence, Vietnam + Cambodia

Anh_Labor Solutions
Mochammad Hafiz (Rega), Labor Solutions
Hafiz Mochammad (Rega)

Director of Client Excellence

Joycelyn Zhao Labor Solutions
Joycelyn Zhao

Sr. Manager, Global Client Excellence 

Raissa, Labor Solutions
Raissa Ivena

Sr. Associate, Client Excellence,