Direct Worker Dialogue

A Two-Way Anonymous 

Communication with Workers 

No matter which platform a worker chooses to connect, you manage, respond, sort and collect data from all messages directly on your Worker Engagement Dashboard.

WhatsApp      SMS      WeChat

"Collecting worker feedback helps not only to inform decisions and change, but helps workers to feel respected and heard when they receive our outreach seeking their opinions."

- Human Resource Director, Apparel Factory, China 

Workers submit questions, grievances or suggestions directly from their phone, no matter their device.

Always Anonymous

Tech Agnostic

Attach Files

Send Text or Voice Notes

8 x

More likely to be used than traditional company feedback systems, like grievance boxes, "open door policies" and worker committees. 

Receive, Respond and Sort Messages Directly on your Worker Engagement Dashboard

Respond to Workers Directly 

Assign Cases to Appropriate Teams

Case Manage Messages, Add Information 

Keep all Data in One Place

“Managers have come to me and said, ‘we need an effective communication system now [post-COVID-19] … tools like the Worker Engagement Platform and WOVO are the future of how communication is done in factories.’”

Gauri Sharma, Operational Development Manager at

Shahi Exports, India

Instant Actionable Data. 

Instant Data

Pinpoint Problem Areas

Proactively Make Change

Compare Global Data

Share Data with Stakeholders

One Platform for all your Suppliers or Clients 

Choose who to Share Data With

Up-skill & Empower Local Facilities

Promote Transparency &


Available Globally

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