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Worker Voice Tools 

Listening to Workers is Key to Risk Reduction, Production Increase +
Worker Engagement 

Labor Solutions Offers Several Worker Voice Solutions. No Matter How You Collect Worker Feedback, Follow Up is Key. Our Experienced Team is Here to Help. 

Worker Surveys

Proactively Ask Workers

A Worker Survey Platform Designed Specially for Complex Supply Chains. 

COVID in manufacturing-- technology supports workers

Grievance + Dialogue

Ongoing Anonymous 2-Way Communication

Worker Grievance System

Provide an Outlet 

A 3rd Party Whistle Blower Line for Workers Who've Exhausted All their Options.  

A Team that Ensures You Can Turn Data into Change 

Industry Experience You Can Count On 

Holistic programs designed to help you use results to catalyze change, not just to collect data.

Are you incorporating worker voice into your compliance program or addressing a specific topic? Our team of experts has done it before and is here to help. 

Actionable, Sharable  Data

Instant, Live &

Dynamic Reports

Track Trends

Over Time

Share Data with Chosen Stakeholders 

Own Your Data. 

We Won't Share It

Worker Surveys

Experienced Implementers 

Having a tool isn't enough. Workers need to use it.


We've implemented worker voice programs in over 25 countries and thousands of workplaces. 

We know what's needed to drive utilization and engagement.  


We differentiate ourselves by focusing not only on technology, but also on the social eco-systems surrounding our technology. Building trust is key to engaging workers. 

Read about how other companies are using worker voice tools.

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