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Fair Working Conditions Digital Training for Workers Now Available

Education is the first step of advocacy and protection. The lack of awareness about fundamental rights and responsibilities has resulted in workers not being able to take necessary steps to safeguard their rights and wellbeing.

Labor Solutions has launched a Digital Course on Fair Working Conditions, which brings workers an introduction to “dos and don’ts” around important workplace rights topics such as contracts, recruitment, harassment, and social dialogue.

All modules of the course consist of core content built on the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights and a section tailored to country legislations to ensure workers’ understanding about their rights against global standards as well as local context.

Giving workers access to training and reliable information about fair working conditions and their rights and responsibilities in the workplace ensures that expectations and information are aligned at every level of the company. Informed workers can help to identify potential unsafe conditions and risks before they become major issues and cause harm to people or facilities. Our digital courses are available through our app, WOVO, as well as on any device with a browser, in many languages including Khmer, Vietnamese to simplified Chinese, English and Spanish.

Informed workers are happier and more engaged, which leads to higher retention, higher quality work product and lower costs for recruitment and training. Workers that know about fair working conditions also are better able to provide reliable and useful information through surveys and grievance tools— workers having knowledge of their rights is the foundation for protection and safeguarding of worker human rights. With new human rights due diligence laws in effect from January 2023, buyers will be more focused on ensuring workers know about their rights and responsibilities.

Digital learning is a smart investment for factories to make in their employees and has proven positive results that buyers are looking for. A recent case show demonstrated eLearning on rights and responsibilities is key to a function grievance mechanism. Workers who know about their rights are better able to alert management when issues arise. Informed workers create safer, happier more productive workplaces.

Factories and other facilities can share our Fair Working Conditions courses with their entire workforce at scale. We provide promotional materials and support management with a deployment plan that ensures engagement and success of each course. The courses themselves are interactive and created by our Labor Solutions team of instructional designers to ensure a high levels of information transfer and retention.


Labor Solutions, an impact-focused business, leverages technology to connect, engage and educate workers to build resilient supply chains. Over a million and a half workers in 25 countries have access to Labor Solutions’ worker engagement platform, WOVO.


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