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Labor Solutions' Due Diligence Starter Kit 

Easy to Use + Rapid to Deploy Globally 

Identify + Remediate Issues
Build Capacity to Prevent

Labor Line: A Global Complaints + Grievance Management Tool for Complex Supply Chains

✅Global Availability + Multi-Lingual Support

✅Managed Grievance + Escalation Protocols


✅Multi-Channel Reporting: Accessible on any phone.


✅Purpose-Built Management System


✅Supplier Collaboration


✅Worker-Centric Protocols


✅Robust Reporting

Five-Part Business + Human Rights Courses 
Bring Suppliers Up-to-Date on New HRDD Regulations with a Blended Classroom Approach  

🔹 Grounded in UN Guiding Principles

🔹 Tailored for real-world application

🔹 Designed to drive change

🔹 Blended Classroom with Live Practicum

✔️ Four interactive digital lessons

✔️ Insightful 3-hour live practicum

✔️ Practical implementation strategies

✔️ Focus on risk prioritization

Labor Solutions' Starter Kit Provides Companies with Tools that are Easy to Use, Rapid to Deploy Throughout Supply Chains

Easy to Deploy + Scale

Track Trends Overtime

Comparable Global Data Sets

Insightful Reports to Identify Issues Easily

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