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WOVO Now in the Hands of More Workers than Any Other Tool in the Industry: 2022 in Numbers

2022 was a great year for Labor Solutions. Global regulations and consumers pushed more companies to take responsibility for their supply chains, super charging Labor Solutions' commitment to leverage technology to identify, prevent and mitigate human rights abuses throughout supply chains.

By the end of 2022, more workers around the world feel heard, educated, protected, and respected at their workplaces.

Labor Solutions now actively serves more than 1.5 million workers globally.

Labor Solutions tools are unique in the industry. Our subscription model means, once implemented, workers have ongoing, unlimited access to tools to help them be heard, empowered and provide them with access to key information. Now 1.5 million workers have active access to our tools.

Over 90% of clients return annually. And in 2022 a majority of Labor Solutions’ clients increased the number of sites and workers covered by WOVO. As a result, more workers feel heard, and are educated, protected, and respected at their workplaces.

Here are our results from 2022 in numbers:

  • A million workers have access to safe and anonymous channel to ask a question, give a suggestion or report a concern.

  • Nearly 250,000 worker cases were closed with an 88% satisfaction rating. Thanks to factory partners and client advisory support, workers were satisfied with how cases are handled, feel confident that when they face another issue, they can speak up again

  • Employers sent almost 6,000 announcements via WOVO helping to keep workers informed and updated about their workplaces

  • Labor Solutions surveyed over a million workers and collected nearly 340,000 responses directly from workers, allowing workers to give feedback on their workplace and contribute to improvements

  • In 2022, workers completed nearly 150,000 learning sessions to better understand their rights and responsibilities, grow professionally, feel healthier and happier.

  • Labor Solutions released 24 New Courses with Leading Industry Partners, on topics including; Fair Working Conditions, Gender Equity, Responsible Recruitment, ensuring workers and managers know their rights and responsibilities and are able to promote healthier and safer workplaces.

Over 2022, WOVO tools and advisory programs enabled over suppliers globally to start acting on human rights due diligence, cultivate a culture of listening to workers, strengthen human resources management practice and create alignment with their buyers.

We pride ourselves on our local results and impact, read our favorite case studies from 2022, and see how WOVO can improve the outcomes for suppliers globally.

About Labor Solutions

Labor Solutions, an impact-focused business, leverages technology to connect, engage and educate workers to build resilient supply chains. Over a million and a half workers in 25 countries have access to Labor Solutions’ worker engagement platform, WOVO.


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