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Kindling + Labor Solutions Partner to Provide Building + Fire Safety eLearnings for Factory Workers

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

Leading industry experts, Labor Solutions and Kindling, have partnered to design develop and deliver fire safety digital trainings for factory workers.

After one factory implement fire safety eLearning and saw an 80% reduction in safety accidents, over three months, the two organizations determined a collaboration was timely and could create significant impactful. While the preliminary findings are exciting, the two organizations are keen to continue the work to ensure longer term, sustainable change.

"Our goal is to provide leading fire safety training to as many workers as possible to ensure their safe return home every day," said Labor Solutions' CEO, Elena Fanjul-Debnam.

Fire Safety eLearning for Factory Workers

To start the course offering include:

  • Basic Fire Safety for Workers

  • Fire Safety for Managers– Creating a Safe Working Environment

  • Fire Safety in your Everyday Life

With additional support the partnership can further maximize reach and expand course offerings, "the more support we get for these programs, the more localized and specific our curriculum development can be. We want to tailor the trainings so workers have the knowledge resources they need to stay safe from fire," said Danielle Antonellis, the Executive Director of Kindling.

Kindling, an NGO focused on fire safety improvements for vulnerable communities, especially in Low- and Middle-Income Countries where 95% fire deaths occur, , will provide subject matter expertise to create a learning pathway that supports and educates workers, improving safety outcomes. In some cases, Kindling will also work to provide face to face trainings to support a blended learning model. The NGO's work plan includes providing country specific content based on the unique fire safety issues faced in each locality, in and outside the workplace.

Labor Solutions, a social enterprise, leverages technology to engage and educate workers throughout supply chains. Over a million workers in 25 countries have access to Labor Solutions’ elearning platform, WOVO. The Labor Solutions team will digitize the content and focus on strategic deployment and implementation to ensure as many workers as possible are able to access the safety elearnings.

Please reach out to Sheila if you are interested in providing support or rolling out courses to your workers or workers within your supply chain.

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