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Labor Solutions Clients Can Choose to Add WOVO Data into Open Supply Hub

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

Labor Solutions believes in collaborating across the industry to consolidate data, ensure transparency and ultimately drive purchasing changes. Tools like Open Supply Hub are key to driving industry change, aggregating key data points helps to change purchasing practices.

Labor Solutions is excited to announce in 2023, clients will be able to choose to add their Open Supply ID (OS ID) to WOVO to more easily share data with their clients and to validate their participation in WOVO on the Open Supply Hub (OSH).

This will result in three key functionalities;

  • Facilities who use WOVO to conduct worker surveys, collect worker feedback or distribute eLearning to workers, will now be able to publicly share their affiliation with WOVO on OSH.

  • Stakeholders on Open Supply Hub, with WOVO access, will also be able to click through (with a login) to see more specific worker voice and feedback data from the facility.

  • Facilities will also be able to use their OS ID on WOVO to more easily share data with their clients through the WOVO platform.

Labor Solutions’ WOVO platform already allows facilities to report into multiple clients at once, adding OS IDs will make it easier than ever for brands to connect with their suppliers and download data.

WOVO remains a supplier owned tool, sharing data will always be the choice of a facility.

About Open Supply Hub

We need accessible, quality supply chain data to address the biggest issues of our time. Modern slavery, GHG emissions, climate change impacts and deforestation cannot be efficiently tackled until we have open and reliable data to work with.

That is exactly what Open Supply Hub is looking to create. Now live, Open Supply Hub is an accessible, collaborative, supply chain mapping platform, used and populated by stakeholders across sectors and supply chains. Try uploading, searching or downloading supply chain data for free at

About Labor Solutions

Labor Solutions, an impact-focused business, leverages technology build resilient supply chains by connecting, engaging and educating workers. Over a million and a half workers in 28 countries have access to Labor Solutions’ worker engagement platform, WOVO. Labor Solutions advisory services focuses on building healthy social eco-systems that engage workers, suppliers and buyers.


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