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Worker Surveys Designed for Complex Value Chains

Questions that Matter. Insights to Drive Change.

Grow Your Vision

Engaging Workers + Suppliers Directly to Gather
Transparent + Accurate Data


Design with Questions that Matter

Industry-Tested Questions to Engage Workers +
Produce Actionable Data

Risk-Based Survey Design:
Globally Comparable Data Sets + Local Data to Drive Change

Choose Core Questions for Every Site + Select Additional Question Sets for Specific Locality, Commodity or Risks

A Core Set of Questions Based on
Universal Workplace Risks
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Industry Standard Surveys for Consistent + Comparable Data

Labor Solutions is an Approved Provider of Several Industry Standard Surveys 

Deploy Surveys Throughout Complex Supply Chains with Ease

Build Survey + Instantly Share with Suppliers 

Easily Add Questions Based on Commodity, Risk or Locality 

Allow Suppliers + Local Facilities to Add

Their Own Questions

Directly Invite Workers to Take Your Survey or

Let Each Suppliers Manage Reach Locally


Accessible Worker-Driven Inclusive Designs to Maximize Reach

Audiovisual Support

Minimalist + Intuitive Design for Ease of Use

Invite Specific Targeted Populations

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Global Data.
Local Results.

Real-time Data for Buyers + Suppliers
with Insights to Easily Identify + Prioritize Issues

Data to Support HRDD Reporting Requirements


Don't Know What to Ask, How to Get Started or What to do Next?  

Our team of experts has done it before and is here to help. 

More than Data. Scalable Action + Support.  

Our Digital Improvement Plans Catalyze Data into Change 

Unprecedent Transparency + Access: Primary Data Sets 

Directly Engaging Suppliers + Workers to Gather Transparent, Accurate Data 


Labor Solution Conducts Largest Survey of Burmese Factory Workers, Post-Coup: Reaching 20% of Myanmar’s Garment Sector Workforce. Read More


Labor Solutions Conducts a Survey of 350,000 Workers on Behalf of adidas. Read More

Read More About How WOVO Engage is Improving Social Outcomes  
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