Technology + Content Designed for the Realities + Needs of Workers


WOVO Learn was designed using worker-centric design with intuitive navigations, simple UI and supportive audiovisual and multimedia elements for illiterate users.

Device agnostic. Accessible on or offline, on tablets, smart-phones or web-browsers. 

Global reach. Avaiable in 18 Languages + Counting   

Effective Implementation 

We have extensive experience rolling out eLearning in manufacturing and farming settings.

We know how to ensure your content reaches workers. 



Content on Topics that Matter, 
Designed with Leading Industry Experts 

Family Planning + Parenting 

Workplace Stress + Wellbeing 

Customized eLearning

Worker Rights + Responsibilities, Forced Labor + Workplace Harassment

Gender-Based Violence (GBV), Gender Discrimination + Sexual Harassment 

Do you have content you need digitized or

eLearnings you want to share more widely? 

There's no need to re-invent the wheel.

Focus on creating impactful content, we'll focus on digitizing and expanding your reach  

Rewarding Success

Set + track learning standards for the workers in your supply chain.

Track the percentage of workers per company who have completed each course, earn badges, and easily share.

Reports show number of workers trained overtime and the percentage of current workers trained to help you measure your impact, while ensuring your current team is up-to-date. 

Accessible + Available 

Over 8 years of providing technology solutions for workers
has resulted in a tool that puts the workers’ needs first.

What Workers Say


of workers who use 

WOVO have made positive life changes


I felt so alone until WOVO. Thank you for giving me the strength I need to be the best I can be.


of workers who use

 WOVO have reported health improvements