Educate, Equip +  Engage Workers to Reduce Risks + Create Long Lasting Sustainable Change in Workplaces + Supply Chains

Get instant feedback and powerful, actionable data to pin-point problems and make change. 


Transparency promotes accountability,  to help you stop asking "do risks exist," and start focusing on "what is being done to address those risks?"


Technology to Support Workers. 
Data to Catalyze Change.

Beyond the Technology: Supporting You Every

Step of the Way

Our client advisors are leaders in the industry. We support you from program creation to implementation to continuous improvement.  

All our tools come clear implementation strategies to ensure success and with training hours to help build capacity and create sustainable change. 

Inclusive Design 

All our tools are created using user-centric & inclusive design to engage and connect with the entire value chain of stakeholders. 

Our tools allow you to engage with workers on multiple platforms, so that no matter what type of phone a worker has, they can be heard and included. 

Our tools are accessible to workers via:

WhatsApp      SMS      WeChat

Email      QR Code      Onsite


Workers Served




Languages Supported

Labor Solutions supports companies to build resilient supply chains by leveraging technology to engage workers, suppliers & buyers.

Data to Catalyze Change

9X Higher Utilization

More Engaged Workers = Lower Risks

WOVO is used 9 times more than traditional workplace communication methods.  Workers were more likely to report issues so management could address them faster. More engaged workers means lower risks. 

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Improve Safety

Reduce Safety
Incidents by 80%

Companies using WOVO reduced safety accidents by 80% by educating workers and providing better reporting mechanisms. 

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Improved Bottom Line

3.5 X

Return on Investment

Companies with WOVO have lower turnover rates, higher retention and productivity, and were better prepared to respond to COVID-19 and other crises.

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