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Technology to Educate, Connect + Engage Workers



Do workers have the information they need to succeed personally + advocate for their rights?

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Do workers have free access to a grievance tool and do they have trust & confidence in management?



Would workers recommend the workplace to others?

Data to Catalyze Change 
Stop Asking "Do Risks Exist" and Start Asking
"What Are We Doing about the Risks?"

Simple + globally comparable data points to help focus management, buyers, and other stakeholders to ensure Human Rights Due Diligence throughout your supply chain

WOVO: One Tool to Do it All 

Choose the tools you need, when you need them

One dashboard for companies, buyers and other stakeholders to manage engagement tools and connect with workers.

One global report to track and compare progress.

Leveled access and reporting for different stakeholders. 


Multiple channels to reach workers

Our supplier ownership approach is solution driven, allowing tools to be scalable + issues to be tackled at the source.

Supply Chain Social Sustainability Advisory Services 

Supply Chain Sustainability is Complex: We're Here to Help

Our team of experts are innovative, practical, proactive and impact focused.  


Workers Served




Languages Supported

Powerful Outcomes

Labor Solutions helps companies identify, prevent + remediate human rights risks throughout supply chains.

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