A New, Scalable Approach
to Managing Supply Chain Risks:

Engaging Workers + Suppliers 

Technology to Engage, Connect + Educate Workers at Scale

Our Inclusive, Collaborative Approach Leads to Transparent + Reliable Data 

Stop Asking "Do Risks Exists" and Start Asking

"Are the Right Systems in Place to Prevent + Remediate Risks?"

WOVO: Tech Designed For Each Stakeholders Distinct Needs 

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For Workers to connect, learn, engage + report. 


For Suppliers to Respond, Sort, Send + Manage Communication with Workers

For Brands to Collect Data, Track Trends + Report Outcomes


Workers Served




Languages Supported

Solutions Driven Support 

Supply Chain Sustainability is Complex: We're Here to Help

Our team of experts are innovative, practical, proactive and impact focused.  

Our supplier ownership approach is solution driven, allowing tools to be scalable + issues to be tackled at the source.

Sustainable Change + Unprecedented Transparency: 
Delivering Better Outcomes for All Stakeholders

An Impact Focused Enterprise Founded, Owned + Managed by Women 

Check out how we’ve helped companies around the world engage + empower their workforce