Worker Engagement 


More Engaged Workers.
Better Data.

One dashboard to manage all your worker outreach and data globally. 

Instantly connect with workers directly through their phones on platforms that work for them.  Workers can use; the WOVO App, or other platforms like SMS, WeChat and WhatsApp. 

Every workplace is different.
The Worker Engagement Dashboard is a plug and play tool.

Buy the tools you need, when you need them.

Worker Dialogue Tools

Bring anonymity and transparency to workplace communication. 

Workers submit questions, suggestions and reports anonymously from their phones.


Companies manage, sort and respond to messages from their Worker Engagement Dashboard.


Access live, secure data to track trends and understand challenges quickly directly from your Dashboard.

Available to Workers via

WhatsApp      SMS      WeChat


Provide workers with access to training and content they need to grow professionally and personally.

Choose among our existing topics or create your own; either way, we ensure the experience is interactive for workers, reinforcing learning with quizzes along the way and incentivizing continuation with badge rewards.

Track results from your Worker Engagement Dashboard


Available to Workers via


Worker Surveys

Instantly send worker surveys directly to workers whenever you want. Design, deploy and get results from your survey on your Worker Engagement Dashboard.

Use our templates or create your own.


Easily share data with stakeholders. 

Available to Workers via

WhatsApp      SMS      WeChat      Email      QR Code      Onsite

During COVID, the Worker Engagement Dashboard was critical. With it we were able to quickly inform workers on what was happening & track who had been exposed. We were able reach basically everyone in the workforce immediately.” 

HR Manager, PT. Hwaseung Indonesia


Human Resource Tools 

  • Broadcast Messages 

  • Payslips

  • Answers to Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Company Handbooks and Policies

  • Newsletters 

  • Event and Calendar Invites 

Make sure workers have easy access to the information they need to succeed in your workplace.


Use your Worker Engagement Dashboard to distribute;

Available to Workers via


Labor Line: A 3rd Party Grievance Line 

Labor Line gives you a way to hear from workers after you leave a facility, and gives workers a way to connect when they feel safe.

Available in 16 Languages

WhatsApp      SMS      WeChat     QR Code    

Direct Worker Engagement. 

Transformative & Transparent Data. 

Live Actionable Analytics

No matter which features you choose, instantly access dynamic reports directly from your Worker Engagement Dashboard.

Global companies and stakeholders can aggregate and compare data from sites around the world in one place.

Real time data on worker sentiment & needs 

Drill down into specific problem areas

Ensure everyone has access to the same information

Share data with the stakeholders you choose.


Supporting You Every Step of the Way

Technology only works as well as the people who use it.  Our team of client advisors make sure that you maximize your impact

No matter which tools you choose, you’ll receive 10 hours of free client advisory services.

“Labor Solutions’ Client Advisors have had excellent knowledge and provided us with timely support to operate the Worker Engagement Dashboard and respond to our workers’ needs.”

CSR Manager, Vietnam Samho Footwear

Want more tools? 

Easily add new features when you're ready. 

Once your Worker Engagement Dashboard is set up, its easy to add other tools and features when you need them, without implementing again. 

Check out how we’ve helped companies
around the world engage and empower their workforce

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