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Worker Rights & Responsibilities eLearning Course from Better Work for Factory Workers

Leading industry experts ILO's Better Work + Labor Solutions designed + developed Rights and Responsibilities at the Workplace eLearning Course, piloting in Indonesia and Bangladesh.

Occupational Safety & Health

Workers’ productivity, happiness, safety and working conditions at the workplace go hand in hand. It is important for workers to understand their rights for them to be able to advocate for their rights. Advocacy and protection start with education.

Labor Solutions supported Better Work to design and develop worker facing eLearning lessons on Rights and Responsibilities at the Workplace. The course materials overall approach are based on the International Labor Organization (ILO) Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, relevant ILO Conventions as well as the existing materials from the Empower at Work module(s).

The course consists of five lessons each designed to take a worker approximately 15 minutes or less to complete. Content and information are accompanied by engaging interactions and fun, gamified exercises. Lessons follow an inclusive design approach, with intuitive navigations, descriptive visuals, and localized audio narrations. To help workers better understand their rights in the context of national laws, lessons will also include the relevant laws for each focus area in Indonesia and Bangladesh.

Courses will be delivered directly to workers through the WOVO mobile app and the WOVO online web-portal. “We are constantly working to increase the content available to workers to ensure they are successful at work and at home. We are so excited to work with Better Work to be able to add such high-quality content,” said Elena Fanjul-Debnam, Labor Solutions’ CEO.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we learn, it has been a huge shift from the traditional way of training and opened our pathways to explore other platforms as e-learning, digital training, blended learning models etc. At BW we try to scale our reach and impact and as these digital trainings can be delivered with both low cost and low disturbance to the factory day to day work and contributes to a life-long learning journey of adult with higher retention rates, we believe it is the way forward”, said Minna Maaskola, Senior Technical Specialist, Training & Capacity Building, BETTERWORK.

The Rights and Responsibilities course will cover:

  • Working conditions

  • Occupational Safety and Health (OSH)

  • Freedom of association and collective bargaining

  • Forced labour, child labour and minimum age

  • Discrimination and elimination of violence at work

Your rights to fair conditions at Work

A workplace free from forced labour and child labour

Learning Journey

Better Work – a collaboration between the United Nation’s International Labour Organization (ILO) and the International Finance Corporation (IFC), a member of the World Bank Group – is a comprehensive programme bringing together all levels of the garment industry to improve working conditions and respect of labour rights for workers and boost the competitiveness of apparel businesses. As a result of their participation with Better Work, factories have steadily improved compliance with ILO core labour standards and national legislation covering compensation, contracts, occupational safety and health and working time. This has significantly improved working conditions and, at the same time enhanced factories’ productivity and profitability.

About Labor Solutions

Labor Solutions, an impact-focused business, leverages technology to connect, engage and educate workers to build resilient supply chains. Over a million and a half workers in 25 countries have access to Labor Solutions’ worker engagement platform, WOVO. Workers can respond to worker surveys, report grievances and access eLearning modules on rights and responsibilities.

The course design and development will be completed in Q2 2022 to be piloted in Indonesia and Bangladesh. Please reach out to Labor Solutions’ Senior Vice President Bijie Li if you are interested to support the pilot in your facilities.


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