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What’s Ahead for Labor Solutions in 2022

In 2021, Labor Solutions’ tools became critical to recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. We supported leading organizations, like Better Work, to promote worker rights and wellbeing. We built partnerships with international organizations such as the International Organization for Migration (IOM), Winrock International, and USAID CTIP to support the sustainable and valuable change our industry needs.

Now Labor Solutions serves over 1,500,000 workers in 25 countries and 24 languages.


In 2022 Labor Solutions will continue to focus on work on building resilient workplaces and supply chains while educating, connecting, and engaging workers, buyers, suppliers, and brands.

We will also focus on providing tailored issue-specific programs with a focus four key areas:

Labor Solutions will provide data-driven and tailored advisory services, policy development and integration, program design and implementation. Our team can customize and deliver global worker surveys, offer tailored eLearning for supplier management, workers, or other stakeholders in your supply chains, and provide internal capacity building.

The Labor Solutions team will continue to not only provide technology solutions but ensure successful and sustainable implementations through advisory services aimed at supporting and enabling social eco-systems.

Our goal is to not only help you meet corporate due diligence laws but to also affect change and improve lives.

Expanding our Advisory Services

Labor Solutions continues to develop subject matter expertise by building a team with extensive experience. Zuzana Mocilenkova, joins the Labor Solutions team in 2022 as the Vice President of Brand Advisory Services, bringing a unique point of view and understanding of to challenges faced by internal brand stakeholders. She will be key in helping clients enhance and rebuild their sustainability initiatives to meet increasing legislative demands.

Ms. Mocilenkova's joins other recent additions to the team, Senior Directors of eLearning and Worker Engagement, and new client advisors serving Europe and Latin America. Our global teams reflect ever changing supply chain map.

Diversifying partnerships in gender and forced labor

In 2022 Labor Solutions will continue to build partnerships with industry leaders to better support clients and provide wholistic solutions. In 2022 Labor Solutions will focus on enhancing our gender and responsible recruitment workstreams.

Why Gender?

Nearly 190 million women work in the global supply chain, making up 41% of the workforce but a declining percentage of management.

Few industry standards and assessments thoroughly consider the impact of labor conditions, cultural norms, and stress on women in the workplace. Women continue to make up a minority in facility, supplier, and union management. Valuable perspectives persistently go unheard, and in many cases, never even get a seat at the table.

Meaningful and scalable change is needed to protect and promote women throughout the supply chain.

Over the last decade, our technology tools have supported women by giving them a voice, connecting them to information and providing education tools that help equitable workplace advancement. In 2022, the Labor Solutions team will build on these learnings, add additional trainings, and work with key industry stakeholders to help brands and suppliers improve workplaces for women.

As an organization proudly founded, owned, and operated by women, Labor Solutions is excited to enhance our capacity to serve and support women in global supply chains.

Why Responsible Recruitment?

Over the past two years, COVID-19 has exposed the additional risks posed to the 169 million people who migrate internationally for a job. An estimated 24.9 million people are victims of forced labor; working against their will and under threat of punishment and beginning with enormous debt from their recruitment process.

Only through engaging workers, employers and agencies can we effectively combat forced labor. In 2022, Labor Solutions looks forward to supporting brands, agencies and employers in identifying and preventing forced labor through worker surveys, advisory services, grievance mechanisms and eLearning tools.

We look forward to continued innovation and expansion in 2022. As always we are thankful for our brand, supplier and multi-stakeholder partners who have supported our success thus far.

Labor Solutions, a social enterprise, leverages technology to connect, engage and educate workers to build resilient supply chains. Over a million and a half workers in 25 countries have access to Labor Solutions’ worker engagement platform, WOVO.


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