Worker Surveys

A survey platform designed specifically for workers in factories, mines and farms.

Affordably send surveys to workers at the click of a button.

Get live, comparable results.

The Worker Engagement Dashboard allows for local engagement and flexibility so you can use one platform to design and deploy worker surveys and collect data globally. 


No matter the survey, get live reports with indicators to help you better understand your workforce and/or supply chain. 

Survey design, deployment & reporting is a process.

We're here to help at every step.

Customized Design

Build your survey directly on your Worker Engagement Dashboard, from scratch, using a template or with the help of our team of experts.


Social Complaince

Worker Pulse

Forced Labor &

Migrant Workers

Worker Well-being & Engagement


Nike Engagement &

Well-Being Survey (EWB)

Sedex's Worker Well-being Assessment 

Easily add as many languages as you'd like 

Send Directly to Workers or Allow Local Facilities to Add Localized Questions 

Global Surveys with Local Autonomy

Set a standard global template survey, distribute to local sites or suppliers.


Local sites can select your template and use their dashboard to target populations, add questions and determine the best method and time frame for deployment. 

“There is no such thing as a ‘bad survey result.’ Every result is an opportunity to learn. When critical feedback is received in a survey, then it means something is not working with this new policy and we will need to take a deeper look and adjust what we are currently doing.”

HR Manager, A Garment Factory, Indonesia

Flexible Deployment

Deploy using multiple channels to reach as many workers as possible.

Our platform is flexible and allows you to deploy based on the needs of your workers & facilities. 

Use any of the following channels:  

WhatsApp      SMS      WeChat      Email      QR Code      Onsite

Do it yourself, or let us help.  

We can manage your survey deployment for you and ensure you meet specific sample sizes or target demographic groups you want to know more about. 

Actionable Data

Get data to help you make better decisions, understand your risks and better support workers.

Instant, Live &

Dynamic Reports

Aggregate & Compare Local Data Sets Globally

Share data with chosen stakeholders 

Need a specialized report?
Reach our to your local client advisor for more information and a quote. 

Available Globally

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