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Winrock (USAID CTIP) + Labor Solutions Partner to Support Worker Wellbeing in Cambodia

COVID-19 Pandemic has posed tremendous challenges to workers’ livelihood and wellbeing worldwide, and Cambodia is no exception. Disruptions to production, temporary closures of factories and overwhelmed management have prevented factories from providing effective and stable professional and wellbeing support for workers. Workers desperately need resources to keep growing their workplace knowledge and maintain emotional health during this challenging time.


Labor Solutions and Winrock (USAID CTIP-Cambodia) are collaborating to provide learning digitally to workers in Cambodia, leveraging Labor Solutions’ easy-to-access and scalable WOVO platform. The interactive and self-paced eLearning courses, developed by Labor Solutions and subject matter experts include topics on professional development such as gender equality and communications, as well as wellbeing such as physical and mental health. The courses include gamifications, testing your knowledge exercises, can be downloaded offline to support the environment without the internet.

Winrock (USAID CTIP-Cambodia), with its substantial experience in supporting workers in Cambodia, have been dedicated to the acculturalization and localization of the courses to ensure they adapt to the specific context and workers’ needs in Cambodia. Under permissible conditions, CTIP-Cambodia will also provide onsite guidance and training to factories and workers on leveraging Labor Solutions’ Worker Voice, Survey, and eLearning tools to improve worker engagement and wellbeing.

Labor Solutions, a social enterprise, leverages technology to engage and educate workers throughout supply chains. Over a million workers in 25 countries have access to Labor Solutions’ eLearning platform, WOVO. The Labor Solutions team will digitize the content and focus on strategic deployment and implementation to ensure as many workers as possible are able to access eLearning on a variety of topics.

Winrock (USAID CTIP-Cambodia), a seven-year program (2016-2023) sponsored by USAID, engages stakeholders from government, NGOs, and private sectors to address regional and local challenges faced by migrant workers and improve workers’ livelihood and wellbeing. With a team of local experts, it focuses on providing awareness and capacity building activities for both factories and workers.


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