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Worker Survey: Capturing the Voice of Community Stakeholders with Rainforest Alliance

Labor Solutions has proven the value proposition for our tools in every geographic market and a variety of manufacturing, packaging, and mining supply chains. From China to Chile and from the UK to South Africa our clients cover the globe, and we know that our tools are useful not just for factories, but for all kinds of multi-tier relationships, including commodities.

But communities surrounding the production facilities, farming, and mining of commodities and products are often the most vulnerable, hardest to reach, and least likely to be engaged. Labor Solutions knew that responsibly and effectively collecting feedback from these communities and landscapes required a strong partnership with leaders in environmental conservation.

"Collecting reliable data requires building trust with people and we take the responsibility associated with that trust seriously. We believe if we ask a question about issues of human rights we, or our partners, need to have the tools to address the issue and reach remedy," says Elena Fanjul-Debnam, CEO of Labor Solutions.

LandScale, an initiative of Rainforest Alliance, Verra and Conservation International, and other partners, seeks to drive improvements at scale by making reliable information about landscape sustainability widely available to decision-makers. LandScale wants to include human rights and development in its data sets. To do this they turned to Labor Solutions.

We are leveraging our partnerships to pilot worker surveys in new markets and networks, and are very excited to be working with Rainforest Alliance's LandScale initiative to put our surveys to work across whole geographic regions, not just specific agricultural supply chains and facilities.

We piloted this approach in two areas initially, in Peru and Ecuador, and will continue to expand the use of these LandScale surveys incorporating our initial learnings. By deploying our surveys to assess human rights and well-being indicators across a whole region, we can better identify human rights issues and environmental risks that may have complex root causes with the involvement of surrounding communities, and can leverage these results to bring in additional investment and resources from organizations and companies who source from them to address issues holistically.

We see great potential for expanding our tools and services deeper into multi-tier supply chains and involving surrounding communities to identify potential environmental and human rights risks early before significant damage occurs, and we look forward to sharing the initial results of our work with LandScale in the next few months.

Labor Solutions' platform WOVO Engage is a worker survey platform designed specifically for complex supply chains, including the agricultural sector. In the past decade, Labor Solutions has never concluded a survey without reaching the predetermined sample size - check out how we

About LandScale: LandScale is a collaborative effort to drive improvements at scale by making reliable information about landscape sustainability widely available to decision-makers. We envision a future where people, nature, and business prosper through sustainable landscape management. Since 2019, LandScale has been working to develop a practical yet robust system for credible and consistent assessment and communication of landscape sustainability performance.

Labor Solutions, an impact-focused business, leverages technology to connect, engage, and educate workers to build resilient supply chains. Over a million and a half workers in 25 countries have access to Labor Solutions’ worker engagement platform, WOVO.


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