Labor Line

A Third Party Grievance Line 

Give Workers an Outlet to Connect Directly 

Onsite worker interviews are important, but they don't give every worker an opportunity to speak and often workers may be coached or feel uncomfortable making reports when they feel like management is watching.


Labor Line gives auditors and client representatives a way to hear from workers after they leave and workers a way to connect when they feel safe.





Easy to Use

How it Works

Distribute promotional materials and cards during an audit or onsite visit

Workers scan the QR code on promotional materials 

QR code directs workers to a link, WeChat account or SMS line

Workers are proactively asked questions according to the questionnaire in their native language, about human rights or other topics 

Get notified when there is a new submission 

Receive an annual aggregated report on your Worker Engagement Dashboard

Use Our Standard Questionnaire or Create your Own 

The standard Labor Line Questionnaire includes 15 questions and is available in:


Vietnamese, Chinese, Indonesian, Malay, Bengali, Hindi, Spanish, Urdu, French, Bengali, Khmer, Thai, Burmese, Cebuano, Turkish and English.

Users can choose to stay anonymous or provide information for follow ups. Either way,individual QR codes are given to each facility to easily trace sources without having to ask the respondents personal identifying questions. 

If you want to design your own questionnaire, our client advisors will work with you to design and translate questions that meet your needs. 

Uncovered a Grievance, Now What?


We work with partners to do on-the-ground investigations and dig deeper into any grievance claims.

Uncovering an issue is just the beginning of a long process of improvement and reconciliation. Labor Solutions’ client advisors can help. We’ll work with you and your team on creating, implementing and monitoring a corrective action plan.

Learn more about our Client Advisory Services.