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eLearning Solutions for Social Compliance

Around the world, companies can face steep fines for breaking laws that govern their industries. Non-compliance is not only expensive, it can jeopardize a company’s long-term future.

However, compliance trainings can educate employees on the relevant laws and policies that apply to their job responsibilities and what to do when those rules are broken.  By implementing a comprehensive compliance training program, organizations can help protect themselves from potential risks and establish cultures of transparency and excellence.

eLearning enables companies to effectively and efficiently deliver these compliance trainings to workers on a mass scale. Not only can employers distribute e-learning trainings quickly, they can also track training progress and completion. In addition, studies show knowledge retention rates are high with e-learning.

For employees, e-learning offers convenience. Employees can fit e-learning compliance trainings into their schedules, rather than adjusting according to set training times and locations. Furthermore, employees have the freedom to complete e-learning trainings on their smart phones, laptops or desktop computers, instead of traveling to a designated location.

Compliance Training Solutions from Labor Solutions

Labor Solutions offers a suite of compliance trainings in an e-learning format, with additional trainings in professional development and personal wellbeing. Labor Solutions can also create customized trainings for organizations to address specific compliance program needs.

Below is a list of e-learning compliance trainings currently available from Labor Solutions:

Working and Living Conditions Trainings:

  • Harassment & Abuse

  • Working Hours

  • Wages & Benefits

  • Discrimination

  • Dormitories

Workplace Safety Trainings:

  • Fire Safety

  • Equipment & Machine Safety

  • Chemical Safety

Worker Support Systems Trainings:

  • Grievance Handling

  • Freedom of Association

Illegal Labor Practices Trainings:

  • Underage Labor

  • Forced Labor

  • Unauthorized Sub-contracting

For more information about corporate compliance e-learning trainings, including customized training options, contact


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