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Labor Solutions launches a digital catalog for worker, manager and practitioner eLearning lessons

Labor Solutions has recently launched a dynamic and searchable digital eLearning catalog to help clients find and choose online lessons and eLearning for workers, managers and practitioners.

Clients can now search our digital lessons by topic, target audience, language, content partner (Fifty Eight, BetterWork, IDH, ICRW etc.) and more. Choose the lessons that reflect the risks facing your suppliers, support them to make improvements through online trainings, and help them to stay current and to onboard new employees seamlessly and at scale by rolling out these lessons through WOVO.

It is critical that workers know their rights for effective social sustainability and human rights due diligence. Our digitized lessons are fully interactive and created by instructional designers to optimize knowledge transfer so that workers and employers know the fundamentals of workplace rights and responsibilities with tracking of learner engagement and real-time updates on the WOVO dashboard.

eLearning is Labor Solutions’ fastest growing social sustainability solutions, as it helps companies meet new human rights due diligence (HRDD) requirements and ensure that stakeholders throughout the supply chain understand their own rights and responsibilities and have the tools they need to uphold human rights.

Our lessons include, Responsible Recruitment, Gender Equity and Fair Working Conditions, physical + emotional wellbeing, including nutrition and stress management, as well as workplace safety topics such as fire safety, grievances, and effective communication are also available. We are adding new lessons all the time so please check our lesson catalog frequently!

Variety of eLearning lessons developed by subject matter experts

Most of our eLearning content is developed with industry leading subject matter experts like Better Work, Fifty Eight and ICRW to ensure the highest standards for information and the most up-to-date knowledge in the industry.

We design lessons for three distinct learner groups: workers, line managers, and practitioners. Each lesson type uses different language, interactions and games, and graphics to optimize learner engagement and knowledge transfer. Worker and line manager lessons cover many of the same topics (from different perspectives) and are often paired together to ensure both parties understand their rights and responsibilities in the workplace.

Practitioner lessons are designed for professionals in corporate offices, those making internal policies and decisions, those enacting new regulatory and compliance mandates within their company, and human resource managers. This enables companies to ensure there is a consistent understanding of responsible business practices, proactive safety and risk management, and knowledge of new supplier obligations such as human rights due diligence.

Accessible eLearning for workers, line managers and practitioners

All worker lessons are available in our five core languages: Simplified Chinese, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Khmer, and English, and many of our most in-demand lessons have already been translated into Hindi, Thai, Burmese, Nepalese and Spanish. Our practitioner lessons are available in English. Additional languages apart from those listed in our catalog are available on request for a nominal fee.

Workers can access our eLearning lessons and our partners' lessons through our WOVO application and web-based platform (also available through workplace kiosks, tablets and computer labs).

Our other eLearning collaborations include:

Check out our eLearning catalog today and reach out to our team to implement within your workforce or throughout out your supply chain.

Collaborate with Us, Reach More Workers + Amplify Your Message

At Labor Solutions we are always looking to help digitize and amplify leading industry content from partners around the world. If you have content you'd like digitized please reach out to Jen Green, our Sr. Director of Content and Partnerships, to learn more about how we can collaborate.


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