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Labor Solutions' Top Insights from 2023

2023 has been a year filled with client success and regulatory change. In 2023 Labor Solutions reached more workers than ever. We built new partnerships and launched updated products. Meanwhile, HRDD laws continue to emerge and take shape globally.

Here are our top reads of 2023;

Top Case Studies of 2023

Worker Survey: Capturing the Voice of Community Stakeholders with Rainforest Alliance

Labor Solutions' tools have proven effective globally - spanning manufacturing, packaging, and mining supply chains. This collaboration with LandScale, led by Rainforest Alliance and partners, integrated human rights and development data in worker survey data sets. WOVO Engage was deployed across whole geographic regions, not just specific agricultural supply chains and facilities.

Educating Workers on Rights + Responsibilities Key to a Functioning Grievance Mechanism

In 2020, an Indonesian footwear manufacturer introduced WOVO Connect, a grievance management tool. While widely used for inquiries about leave, production targets, and salaries, it saw limited messages to the human resource team regarding health, safety, and other critical issues.

In 2022, we deployed an eLearning course on "Understanding Grievances and Health + Safety" - which led to a 50% immediate increase in health and safety reports, followed by a notable 124% surge the next quarter, signaling heightened worker trust in the system and management.

Supporting Workers’ Financial Needs — How One Company Saw a 23% Increase in Worker Satisfaction

Facing challenges in worker compensation satisfaction during an economic downturn, an apparel manufacturer undertook targeted surveys focusing on compensation and personal/family needs. The findings revealed that over 80% of workers didn't plan before significant purchases and high childcare costs hindered family members from working.

To address these issues, a financial literacy program via WOVO Educate was initiated - the outcome was a substantial 23% increase in workers' compensation satisfaction.


Top Reads of 2023

EU Directive on Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence (CSDDD): A Practical Guide for Businesses

The EU Directive on CSDDD, commonly called the “EU Directive on Due Diligence” is a regulation that requires businesses to identify, prevent, mitigate, and account for the potential adverse human rights and environmental impacts of their operations and value chains.

Labor Solutions Approved as SLCP's WE-Tech Service Provider

SLCP, the Social and Labor Convergence Program, is an industry initiative to harmonize the collection of data on working conditions and reduce the social audit burden. This year, SLCP is adding the capability for worker surveys called WE-Tech, or worker-engagement technology, and strongly encourages it to be included in their supplier assessment. Read More

Building an Effective Worker Survey Tools for Supply Chain Workers

How we built an industry-leading tool and the collection of feedback from millions of workers - never needing to close a survey without reaching the determined sample size in the past decade.


Labor Solutions, a women-owned and -led impact-focused business, leverages technology to build resilient supply chains by connecting, engaging and educating workers. Over 1.8 million workers in 28 countries use Labor Solutions’ worker engagement platform, WOVO Engage. Labor Solutions’ advisory services focus on building healthy social eco-systems within companies with global supply chains that engage workers, suppliers and buyers and support and facilitate responsible business practices and protection of human rights.


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