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Labor Solutions Approved as SLCP's WE-Tech Service Provider

SLCP, the Social and Labor Convergence Program, is an industry initiative to harmonize the collection of data on working conditions and reduce the social audit burden. Leading global brands and factories use SLCP as a credible social audit that helps to alleviate the workload on suppliers through an effective, unified standard and verification process. SLCP’s unique data sharing system also allows facilities to share their data with a number of stakeholders at once.

This year, SLCP is adding the capability for worker surveys called WE-Tech, or worker-engagement technology and strongly encourages it to be included in their supplier assessment. Labor Solutions, who successfully participated in the trial of the WE-Tech worker survey in 2022, is one of a handful of approved service providers for SLCP WE-Tech.

Labor Solutions Approved as SLCP's WE-Tech Service Provider

WOVO Engage: A Worker Survey Tool Designed for Complex Supply Chains

Labor Solutions’ WOVO Engage is a worker survey tool that enables global brands to gather transparent + accurate data directly from the workers throughout the complex supply chains. WOVO reporting dashboard provides global + local trends to understand the issues within the supply chain. If you are a factory or facility that already uses WOVO you can deploy SLCP ‘s WE-Tech as simply as deploying a survey.

The worker surveys can be deployed easily and rapidly through multiple channels to reach the maximum number of workers through WeChat, QR code, WhatsApp or even onsite. The questionnaires are available in multiple languages and can be augmented with visual or audio to aid workers with literacy issues. The tools are designed to be accessible to workers and make collecting worker data simple.

The data collected throughout the value chain is centralized on a live WOVO Dashboard. The data throughout the supply chain can be tracked and compared throughout time. The scoring system help brands and facilities to better understand specific issues that need either remediation or improvement plans. The automated plan suggests and provides support to facilities with tools, resources, and development plans.

Advisory Team To Support Every Step of the Process

Labor Solutions provides beyond the tool itself. Our experienced advisory team provides support for both global brands and facilities at every step of the survey process to ensure success. We work directly with facilities to help them understand the opportunities of the survey and support promoting the survey to workers in their language.

We have over a decade of experience in worker surveys and worker engagement in footwear and apparel manufacturing. WOVO engages over 1.7 million workers worldwide in their local language. It has the gold standard for worker surveys and deployments which provide statistically significant results and provide the basis for informed improvements.

Contact us at for more information and pricing.

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