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How One Brand Changed Grievance Collection + Reduced Audits

Read how a leading sportswear brand used WOVO to holistically support suppliers and workers and ended up with better data and fewer audits.

Background and Challenges

While many of the brand's suppliers had a grievance system in place, the brand faced several challenges

  • Transparent Data Sets: The brand was reliant on the supplier to provide data. This meant the supplier could "clean" the data, resulting in brand concerns about accuracy.

  • Comparable Data Sets. Suppliers were manually submitting reports, using different metrics, and formatting, making it nearly impossible for the brand to see trends or compare results, or systemically integrate the data into other data systems or sets.

  • Low utilization rates-- Most of the suppliers were only reporting a handful of cases a year. It seemed unlikely that facilities with thousands of workers would have so few issues. The brand wondered if the issue was access or if the suppliers were hiding data.

  • Targeted Improvement Actions: Without visibility of the baseline data, it was difficult for the brand to help suppliers improve