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WOVO eLearning is rolled out to 400,000 New Users in 11 Countries

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

This month over 400,000 new workers gained access to WOVO’s elearning platform, allowing them to take courses on topics ranging from Fire Safety to Pregnancy Support.

While WOVO eLearning is available in over 20 countries, this months’ launch included workers in Indonesia, Pakistan, Turkey, Philippines, China, India, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar and Honduras.

Of the 400,000 workers, 76% are women.


“We are excited to see our eLearning platform expanding to more workers. We’ve spent the last year working hard on improving our user interface, accessibility and building partnerships with great subject matter experts,” says Labor Solutions’ CEO Elena Fanjul-Debnam.

With this launch to a new set of workers, the WOVO eLearning platform has been upgraded.

New reporting features allow factories which roll out the eLearning platform to earn badges based on the percentage of workers who complete and pass a course, rewarding factories and making it easy to share success with clients.

The eLearning content has a new interface and is more interactive. Laso Robo, WOVO’s new learning ambassador, and his friends help usher workers through courses with jokes and light-hearted banter. Workers can also now download content to view later without WIFI.

Courses continue to be added to the platform as Labor Solutions works closely with subject matter experts. Digitizing existing curricula and distributing to as many workers as possible is a key goal for the Labor Solutions team. If your or your organization has content relevant to factory workers and are interested in working with Labor Solutions to distributed it widely, please reach out to Sheila Schulze.

Founded in 2013, Labor Solutions leverages technology and data to improve the lives of workers. Our tools and services are created using user-centric & inclusive design to engage and connect with the entire value chain of stakeholders. We foster social infrastructures to support sustainable and valuable change in workplaces.


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