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A Worker's Day, Improved by WOVO

A woman using her phone

Ayu is a garment factory worker in Tangerang, Indonesia. When she returned to work after her maternity leave she noticed a few things had changed at the factory. Her colleagues in the bus were talking about a new app their management had introduced. Curious to be up to speed, Ayu asked Nita to help her register after downloading it from the app store.

Nita explained “It’s easy, you just need to enter this number under the Factory Code”, typing into Ayu’s phone, “and now you can enter your Employee ID Number and click Register”, giving Ayu her phone back.

Nita added “WOVO is also completely anonymous. You can report cases or send your feedback and your identity will not be revealed”.

Ayu was eager to start using the WOVO app. She arrived at her line at 7 AM and began to sew care labels onto garments. By lunch time when she turned her phone back on Ayu had two notifications from WOVO. The app’s newsfeed displayed a welcome message followed by an announcement about the breastfeeding facility reopening. Ayu opened the Connect module and asked her first question on how to access the breastfeeding facility.

At 12.55 PM, her break-time was almost over. Ayu rushed to the water station to refill her water bottle before resuming back to work. Sadly, there was no water left. She took a picture of the water dispenser, attached the image and submitted a report via WOVO as she rushed back to her line to resume her work.

4 PM, it was time to head home. Ayu made her way to the bus and turned her phone back on. She had received two responses on WOVO. First, her management advised her to open WOVO’s My Company module and go to the Documents and FAQs uploaded by HR to find more information about the breastfeeding facility. Then she was informed that they had arranged for the water gallons in her building to be refilled and that she could access the water station in the building next door in the meantime.

On the bus home, Ayu opened the My Company module on her WOVO app. Among the documents uploaded was that month’s Newsletter with details on departmental updates, lunch menu updates and upcoming events. She read through the Newsletter and then proceeded to read the FAQs with guidelines on the dos and don’ts for using the breastfeeding facility. She was now feeling well informed.

Ayu was half-way home when she received a broadcast message from WOVO with updates on a new Parenting course that was launched. Since she had some time left on her commute, Ayu opened WOVO’s Learn module and enrolled in the Early Parenting topic. Ayu was feeling sad that day, as it was her first time away from her baby. Not only did the topic share helpful tips on how to care for her newborn, it also explained that her emotions were natural. She obtained helpful tips on how working moms can deal with separation anxiety. She was eager to start applying the practical tips.

As she got home, Ayu carried on with her mom duties and household chores. After dinner she was ready for bed. At 8 PM, two Calendar reminders came in on WOVO. One was for that month’s payroll date, and the other was an announcement of the public holiday on Friday. Ayu was excited to have one extra day to spend with her daughter. Feeling grateful that she downloaded the WOVO app, she suddenly remembered that she had a few pages left in her Parenting topic. She laid in bed navigating her way through the remaining facts and tips, responded to quizzes and completed the topic. Time for bed. Ayu set her alarm for 4.30 AM and dozed.

WOVO was developed using worker-centric design, with the goal to improve worker access to information, decision makers and learning to be successful and safe. The app is available for FREE via iOS and Android. WOVO is available in 18 languages and currently supports over 1 million workers across different industries. Click here to learn more.


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