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Now Upload Your Internal Trainings to WOVO

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

Learn how you can utilize WOVO to upload internal trainings on a compact Dashboard with customized digital learning tools made for your workers.

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Are you struggling to reach all your workers and ensure their training is up-to-date?

Digital learning is a great way to ensure all workers receive the same training, even when you can't gather in groups.

Did you know you can upload your internal trainings to WOVO, so only your workforce can access them, and you can easily track progress?

Use digital learning to affordably and safely deliver curricula like;

  • On-boarding + Induction Training

  • Safety

  • New COVID Regulations

  • Simple Skills

  • Wages

  • Basic Manager Trainings

  • Company Values

  • Important Local Laws and Regulations

Don’t worry its easy! Here’s how it works:

Do you already have content in PowerPoint or video format?

1. Reach out to your Client Advisor

2. Send the following materials:

  • The PowerPoint or video

  • Up to 5 questions for your quiz (with answers)

  • Tell us if it’s a company wide lesson or meant for specific individuals

3. Wait 2 weeks

4. Access your courses from WOVO

5. Track results on your dashboard


  • Keep content short! It should take a worker 9-12 minutes to get through a lesson.

  • For content longer than 9-12 minutes, break it up into shorter lessons.

  • Each lesson should have a quiz at the end. This way you can check for understanding and you engage workers to make the content more exciting!

Afraid your content is not good enough?

If you don’t have your material ready to present, our eLearning team can work with you to design an engaging lesson.

Need help digitizing existing face to face trainings?

We can help! Just ask your client advisor. This is a great opportunity for you to increase engagement and make sure everyone has the same information. Don't miss out!

Reach out to your Client Advisor today!


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