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E-Learning: Expanding Workers’ Knowledge and Opportunities


Imagine having any information you want at your fingertips. That is increasingly becoming a reality, one mobile application at a time. Electronic learning (e-Learning), especially via mobile devices, has made education accessible and affordable to more people than ever before, and it continues to be the wave of the future.

The benefits of e-Learning over in-person courses or training sessions are numerous. For example, e-Learning is:

  • Cost-effective. Without printed materials, live instructors, or facilities, the cost of ‘knowledge sharing’ via e-Learning can stay quite low.

  • Convenient. Consumers of e-Learning can fit it into their schedule, rather than having to be physically present somewhere or some time that isn’t ideal for them.

  • Individualized. Learners may not always understand what is taught to them in an in-person environment. They may need more time to absorb concepts or be too shy to ask clarifying questions. E-learning can be stopped, replayed, and reviewed as many times as needed by each individual to cater to his or her own pace.

  • Time-efficient. We all have busy schedules, but we also have down-time – sometimes unexpectedly. Since e-Learning doesn’t need to be completed all at once, it suits those who strive to make good use of their down-time. It also often requires less of a time commitment overall compared to in-person sessions.

  • Unifying. In-person educational options risk alienating people who may feel too embarrassed, too amateur, or otherwise unfit to participate. E-Learning provides equal access to people of all ages and backgrounds who are interested in enhancing themselves personally or professionally, and it can even offer anonymity.

Labor Solutions recognizes that e-Learning can be beneficial to workers around the world, especially those who endure long workdays primarily in factory environments and tend to live in areas lacking in support for professional and personal growth. Through its WOVO mobile application, Labor Solutions offers e-Learning with a wide array of courses and topics encompassing both personal wellbeing and professional development.  Personal wellbeing topics address emotional, physical, and financial wellbeing, as well as caregiving. Some of our recently added topics include handling emotions, pregnancy, and financial planning.

Professional development topics address compliance-related issues such as workplace safety, discrimination, and harassment; as well as topics related to interpersonal skills and stress management in the workplace. Most recently, we have created topics for fire safety, harassment and abuse, and grievance mechanisms. We even provide content for company managers to learn best practices for managing others, such as being a good leader, leading communication, and empowering employees.

Data related to topic completion and quiz results is automatically captured for both personal and professional courses. While data for compliance-oriented topics can be shared at a per-employee level, we only share aggregate data for non-compliance oriented topics to protect the privacy of workers.

It’s worth noting that our e-Learning curriculum offers a high degree of flexibility, which allows us to accommodate clients’ unique needs. Depending on how involved clients want to be in topic creation, they can have full or partial control over the content shared with their workers or managers.  This is especially useful for clients who want to design their own unique onboarding programs tailored to workers and managers in their workplaces.

E-Learning comes at no cost to the worker, as the WOVO mobile application is typically paid for by a worker’s company, or else another entity within or related to the company’s supply chain. Workers can access cloud-based content as long as they have internet access, and they can stop and start their movement through topics as they please.

Understanding that workers have varying levels of literacy and tech-savviness, we have designed topics to take no more than eight to twelve minutes to complete, and to incorporate images and videos while limiting text. To ensure learning objectives are achieved, we have interactive checkpoint questions and topic-based quizzes, and we provide fun e-badges to incentivize topic completion.

WOVO e-Learning ‘meets workers where they are,’ catering to their circumstances rather than requiring them to take part in more time-consuming or otherwise inconvenient on-site trainings. We find that giving workers’ some control over their learning experience improves opportunities for real and lasting change, because they have chosen the topic and initiated the course.

WOVO e-Learning aims to minimize workers’ barriers to accessing educational content and maximize the impact of the curriculum we create. For more information, contact


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