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Transform Your Supply Chain Training with Labor Solutions Customized eLearning Modules

As global supply chains evolve, the need for effective, scalable training solutions becomes more critical. WOVO eLearning addresses key industry challenges with a platform designed for supply chain workers, management and global company stakeholders while allowing for brand and industry customization.

Use our expert-designed lessons for workers, line managers, and management teams, or upload your own content to ensure everyone throughout your value chain knows their rights and responsibilities on key risk topics. You can reach all your suppliers and train them on your code of conduct, supplier support and HRDD as well as handle any onboarding or repeat knowledge sharing through online training. This addresses your many current challenges working with suppliers:  

  • Regulatory Dynamics: Rapid changes in regulations and standards require agile training solutions to keep pace with industry demands for worker safety and compliance.

  • Scaling Issues: Traditional training methods often fall short in effectively reaching the entire supply chain, leading to heightened risks and operational costs.

  • Creating Buy-In: A combination of in-person and online training is best for efficiency and impact. Providing both practical recommendations and ensuring that your supply chain knows “why” and how these changes can benefit them saves time creating buy-in through relationship managers. Work with us to deploy digitized lessons that can be followed up with practical workshops, site visits, or individualized supplier coaching.


WOVO eLearning Will Help:

  • Robust Catalogue of Industry Leading Content: To get you started and ensure workers, line managers and management teams are up to date we provide an extensive catalog of lessons on workplace safety, worker / human rights and responsible business topics developed with recognized experts. 

  • Customizable Curricula: Tailor your training programs by adding custom content to our existing expert-designed lessons, or work with us to create bespoke lessons just for your supply chain. Add your own materials to reflect company policies and specific compliance requirements.

  • Engaging Learning Activities: Includes a variety of interactive activities like matching, multiple choice, identifying differences, and fill-in-the-blanks to enhance learning engagement and retention. We can also produce 360 degree immersive scenarios and timed exercises to provide a realistic practice environment fo r new skills.

  • Multimedia Integration: Easily incorporate voiceovers and video content to enrich the learning experience, making complex topics accessible and engaging.

  • Efficient and Effective: Reach more workers in less time. eLearning has proven to increase retention rates by 200% and requires 40-60% less time compared to conventional training methods.

  • Proven Deployment Success: Trusted by over 2.2 million users globally, demonstrating scalability and effectiveness in diverse industrial environments.

One Platform for Brands Because WOVO Tools are on a single platform, you can see data from surveys, elearning and grievance tools all in one place, making it easier to understand the risk issues in your value chain and to escalate risks and concerns to the appropriate decision makers.

Transform Your Supply Chain Training Adopt WOVO eLearning to not only educate but empower your workforce and supply chain with the knowledge they need to thrive in a safe and productive environment. Our platform is your solution to the complexities of modern workforce training, ensuring that every stakeholder is aligned with your corporate ethos and operational standards.

Invest in a smarter, scalable training approach with WOVO eLearning.


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