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eLearning makes it easy to bring suppliers up to speed with Human Rights Due Diligence Regulations

New human rights due diligence (HRDD) regulations in effect around the world are creating new obligations for companies with global supply chains. In addition to adding human rights and environmental risks to your existing due diligence and compliance and reporting processes, new legislation often includes increased requirements for supply chain reporting, engagement, and support. Brands can no longer simply walk away from suppliers when issues arise, which makes knowing-your-supplier and establishing expectations and standards upfront critical to a successful business relationship.

Labor Solutions can help you start these conversations by offering digital training for your suppliers on the basics of human rights due diligence. Our eLearning platform provides HRDD lessons for both corporate management, and factory-level supervisors and workers. Training on HRDD and risk-based topics serves both an operational and risk management function -- teaching management about HRDD ensures better alignment and compliance with new requirements, and teaching workers and floor managers about HRDD helps workers recognize grievances and prevent issues. We specialize in providing factories and the suppliers you work with information that is relevant to them and that aligns with what human rights due diligence means at every tier, including the types of risks that are common for particular geographies and sectors.

Our eLearning lessons are designed by professional instructional designers to deliver critical information effectively using a combination of techniques and interactions to keep learners engaged. You can easily assign specific individuals or a group within each company to complete the lessons and see progress in real-time on the WOVO dashboard.

The LS Human Rights Core Lesson Set is customizable

Our Human Rights Core lesson set for practitioners consists of four lessons on the fundamentals of human rights due diligence: 1) an introduction and overview setting the current legislation in the context of international human rights instruments and obligations, including why it matters in countries without a human rights due diligence obligation; 2) the State’s responsibility to Protect and what companies that operate where Stares do not adequately protect human rights should do to protect themselves; 3) companies’ obligation to Respect and what this means in terms of both processes and outcomes; and finally 4) Access to Remedy and what effective remedy requires from both state and private actors, including you and your suppliers. We also have a suite of risk-based lessons, from gender-based violence and harrassment to responsible recruitment, to address specific risk areas that you identify in your sector, geographic region or supply chain. Contact us to find out more about how to incorporate a risk-based approach to your supply chain human rights due diligence.

We encourage you to add your own content to these lessons to explain to your suppliers what steps, assessments, and requirements you are putting in place. By including your own steps and requirements in these online lessons, you can ensure that your suppliers globally are ready for any changes. We would be happy to work with you to add customized content about your company's human rights due diligence process in the relevant lessons.

Risk Based Lessons Help Prevent Human Rights Issues

In addition to our four foundational Core Human Rights Due Diligence lessons, Labor Solutions offers a suite of more than ten risk-based lessons to address risks discovered in your mHRDD assessment and identification processes. Use industry assessments, worker survey, audits, and/or management self-assessments to prioritize which risk based topics you want your supply chain in each country to focus on and improve through worker and manager eLearning.

Support your suppliers to understand Human Rights Due Dilligence

Provide your suppliers with the information they need to understand human rights due diligence using our eLearning platform to track completion and ensure compliance throughout your supply networks. Most suppliers are unsure of what these new legal requirements mean for their operations, so they are looking for information that helps them prepare. Then follow up with your specific assessments, surveys, grievance tools and other support— we can also help with these, just ask our team!

Labor Solutions is the most used platform in the industry, and we stay ahead of your needs with our team of experienced practitioners and advisors who can help you deploy eLearning, surveys and social sustainability solutions at scale and ready to go in local languages. Check out our online learning catalog for a full list of available lessons, languages, and topics or contact Sr. Director for Partnerships and Content, Jen Green, for more details.


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