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Decathlon's Supplier Autonomy Program Starts with a Worker Survey

Since 2021, Labor Solutions has partnered with Decathlon and over 100 suppliers to deploy the worker engagement and wellbeing survey (EWB) first developed by Nike and now deployed across multiple brands.

The survey addresses six areas:

🛠️ Skills Development

💬 Communication

😰 Stress at Work

💸 Remuneration

🏥 Health and Safety

🤝 Social Connection

Employee engagement is essential to continuously improve working conditions in production. Not only are engaged workers more likely to feel physically and mentally secure, but having an engaged workforce is proven to fundamentally shift overarching business and social issues such as compensation, overtime, and workplace conditions.

For Decathlon, worker engagement and wellbeing is part of a program aimed at making partner suppliers autonomous in their human risk management. Worker surveys provide management with the information they need to make effective decisions. Lilian Meyer, Partner Autonomy Programme Leader at Decathlon says,

“employee engagement is essential, if we are to continuously improve working conditions in production. Thanks to our suppliers’ self-assessment of their human risks and this new survey tool, we and more importantly our partner suppliers have a 360-degree view of worker well-being on site, thus making it possible to define areas for improvement.”

When starting the program Decathlon wanted to ensure partners implemented scalable technology platforms which included other tools besides worker surveys to ensure the longevity and sustainability of the program. Decathlon also placed supplier long term autonomy at the center of their program, requiring functions like, the ability for suppliers to add their own questions to surveys. Labor Solutions’ ethos and fit well with Decathlon’s goals. Once WOVO is implemented at a site, management teams can add additional tools to support other goals, like communication, engagement and education.

At the center of Labor Solutions’ success is our approach to collaborating with suppliers. Worker voice and engagement are all about trust and trust starts with how a project is introduced. Labor Solutions adapts to each supplier’s situation to offer individualized assistance (Internet access, smartphones, languages spoken by employees, etc.), guaranteeing confidentiality and easy access for respondents.

Following the survey, Labor Solutions works with management teams to understand the results and then to design and manage a one-year improvement plan based on the survey results. Some facilities choose to take additional steps to better understand results and develop regular engagement routines, like working with Labor Solutions to conduct focus group discussions (FGD) or implementing the WOVO Connect feature to get daily feedback from workers.

WOVO’s survey tool allows suppliers to own and view their survey process and data – with the freedom to add survey questions, drive deeper into results, deploy using the best method for their facility and address risks as they arise – all while giving brands a birds-eye view of what’s really going on in their supply chain.

This project has been interesting to work on, “the results are different per factory and each facility chooses to work on something different, but it is always driven by worker feedback. Management is engaged because they’ve never had this type of data before and are curious to learn more,” said Bijie Li, SVP of Client Services.

The program is ongoing, surveys are conducted annually and improvement plans are evaluated and updated based on results. Labor Solutions and Decathlon continue to partner and hope to reach more suppliers by 2025.

Beyond Surveys

Our work didn't stop with surveys, we worked with Decathlon's suppliers on a host of improvement activities from in-depth surveys, training and creating action plans. Each supplier needs different follow up support and Labor Solutions flexible tool kit and advisors have supported suppliers in their journey to have quality systems that support and engage workers. 

Start Empowering Your Partner Facilities

Labor Solutions’ tools and services are designed to engage, connect, and educate workers across global supply chains by empowering suppliers to own human rights data and address risks as they arise. Whether you are starting with any scale supplier employment project – we tackle all challenges big or small – get in touch with our team at


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