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Labor Solutions Recognized as Partner in Nike's Impact Report, Once Again

Once again Labor Solutions has been highlighted in Nike’s annual FY2O20 Impact Report as an important partner in strengthening the resiliency and capability of its supply chain.

Labor Solutions’ worker engagement mobile technology platform, WOVO, is being used by contract manufacturers to meet Nike’s leadership goals of advancing factory worker engagement by supporting "technological solutions that help improve communication between workers and management."

Labor Solutions was also recognized in the report as a facilitator for Nike’s Engagement and Wellbeing (EWB) survey. This survey is now open sourced and available for anyone to use. The EWB provides suppliers with a holistic, comprehensive view of the worker experience, as well as actionable data which can be used for continuous improvement.

Labor Solutions is proud to be part of an effort that encourages and supports supplier ownership. Nike integrates Labor Solutions tools and services as a "learning and development tool (rather than a compliance tool) helps factories better listen to workers and integrate the feedback into their operations."

The Nike report underlines the company's commitment to supplier engagement a key tenant of the Labor Solutions model, "we have leaned in more to our core philosophy of supplier ownership, increasing our focus on working with experts in developing best practices, setting standards, and creating data-driven tools to help them understand their own journey."

We look forward to Nike's continued leadership in the industry.


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