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Labor Solutions Introduces WOVO, an Innovative Worker Engagement Platform


Labor Solutions announced today that it is launching WOVO, a worker voice and wellbeing system designed to increase worker engagement through mobile and web-based tools.

WOVO’s worker voice features are an updated and upgraded version of Labor Solutions’ most successful and popular tool, WPOConnect. Elena Fanjul-Debnam, Head of Labor Solutions, said “With WOVO, we continue to be the industry leader in worker voice tools. By providing secure, anonymous channels for workers to communicate directly with employers and human resource teams, risks are drastically reduced, workers are more engaged, and employers are better able to make data-driven decisions.”  Beyond providing Labor Solutions’ innovative worker voice tools, including two-way anonymous communication, corporate broadcast, and newsletter functionalities, WOVO also includes interactive e-learning and personalized coaching for workers.

WOVO’s e-learning courses and personalized wellbeing coaching provide all workers with equal access to services that help them advance in their personal and professional lives. “We know that to create a level playing field, workers need not only unimpeded access to workforce development courses, but also support for their personal wellbeing,” said Fanjul-Debnam. She went on to explain that success and engagement in the workplace is directly impacted by personal stresses, especially related to health, family and finances. “Think about it, if your child is struggling at school, or your mother is sick at home, or you’re struggling to pay the bills, that all causes stress.  Stress isn’t something that you can turn on and off. If you’re stressed at home, you’re stressed at work.”  

WOVO sets out to support the whole worker, providing a level of support not often available to workers in the manufacturing, farming, and mining sectors. Krystal Bouverot, Labor Solutions’ Director of Innovation explained, “That’s why we’re excited about WOVO. With an e-learning feature that blends informative, user-friendly content with live coaches to assist workers, WOVO is a scalable solution that provides workers of all backgrounds around the world with access to the tools they need to truly succeed.“

The e-learning modules provide interactive lessons on topics such as safety in the workplace, managing stress, becoming a parent, and managing debt. The trainings include videos, photos, written instruction, and quiz questions to sustain worker engagement and encourage the highest understanding possible. When workers complete trainings they are awarded badges and can opt to use avatars to compete against co-workers.  For professional e-learning courses, including compliance programs, WOVO provides reporting to track worker progress and scores for the programs. Managers can use this data to ensure worker compliance, or even help determine promotions. 

Through WOVO, Labor Solutions brings its innovative Micro-Coaching program to a mobile application.  Workers will have access to coaches, via SMS or the WOVO mobile application, who are trained and qualified professionals dedicated to providing support. Coaching is available in local languages and fosters real and lasting change in workers through encouragement, reminders, and authentic relationships. 

Labor Solutions’ personalized coaching has yielded some incredible results:

  • 92% of workers said they have made a change in their life

  • 89% of workers who joined financial wellbeing programs said they were less stressed about their finances since the coaching program started

  • Only 2% of workers who joined the coaching program resigned in the following year

Labor Solutions’ services don’t just benefit workers; they also support employers. Our experienced professionals serve as consultants, problem solvers, and implementers in order to ensure WOVO’s continued success for both workers and their employers. WOVO serves a wide range of workers and employers, catering to factory, field, office, and other environments. WOVO is available in your local language as well, making it a practical and progressive tool for employees in various lines of work, all around the globe.  Labor Solutions’ clients who currently use WPOConnect for employee communication and engagement will transition to WOVO throughout the rest of 2018. 

More information about WOVO and the entire suite of Labor Solutions products is available at


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