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Course for Suppliers: Understanding Human Rights Due Diligence (HRDD) in Business

Ensuring transparency and ethical practices throughout the supply chain has become a legal imperative for businesses.  More and more HRDD regulations necessitate responsible sourcing practices and the protection of human rights at every stage of the value chain. However, many suppliers find themselves ill-equipped to meet these emerging obligations.

Course for Suppliers - understanding human rights due diligence in business

Labor Solutions' new Five Parts Business + Human Rights Course educates suppliers on the UN Guiding Principles on businesses and human rights. It employs a blended classroom approach that is interactive and scalable - ensuring that participants not only learn the theory but also understand its practical application in their supply chain.

Course Structure:

Four Digital Lessons:

  1. Introduction to Human Rights Due Diligence: A primer on the foundational elements of HRDD and its implications for your supply chain.

  2. A State’s Duty to Protect Human Rights: How governmental responsibilities intersect with business operations.

  3. Corporate Responsibility to Respect Human Rights: Navigating the business's role in human rights preservation within the supply chain.

  4. Access to Remedy: Exploring mechanisms for addressing grievances and non-compliance within the HRDD framework.


3-Hour Live Practicum:

An expert-led, interactive session, learners will :

  • Act out three case studies to apply the principles learned.

  • Review example policies to contextualize the learning.

  • Draft a sample implementation plan to visualize the path forward.

  • Engage in risk prioritization exercises to strategically focus their efforts.

The lessons use real-life examples and explain global trends to emphasize HRDD principles' relevance to business operations. After completing digital lessons, participants attend a 3-hour live practicum led by experts. This hands-on session helps stakeholders prioritize risks, review policies, act out cases, and set implementation plans. The aim is to leave with a clear framework to effect change locally.

This HRDD course is an affordable and flexible program, coming with global online reporting to ensure all suppliers are up-to-date. By taking this foundational step towards responsible business conduct, suppliers can align their operations with human rights principles.

If interested in building a more ethical supply chain, reach out to Labor Solutions today to learn more and get started!


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