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Using WOVO Technology to Improve Worker Trust: A Case Study

The Solution Overview

WOVO is an integrated mobile and web-based system designed to provide worker engagement and wellbeing by connecting workers and managers.

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WOVO’s Connect feature allows workers to send anonymized messages directly to management via text message or smart phone application. Managers can respond to each question directly, while the workers continue to maintain their anonymity. Additionally, WOVO provides data allowing management to track trends in the number and types of questions and complaints received by the system.


Workers at an apparel factory in Indonesia were suspicious of grievance systems, with good reason. Under a previous system, management had questioned an employee whose identity had been revealed after he submitted what was supposed to be an “anonymous” grievance.

Case Overview

Labor Solutions helped workers overcome their initial reluctance to use WOVO, stemming from negative experiences with a previous grievance system. WOVO is an integrated mobile and web-based system featuring worker voice and wellbeing tools that foster safety, wellness and productivity. Workers fears eased after seeing how WOVO could be used to send anonymized messages directly to management via text message or smart phone application.

In addition, requests that workers made through the system had been ignored. They had waited more than a year for a response to a request for replacement safety shoes, as theirs were worn out. Even after repeated follow-up requests, they were still waiting. When the manufacturer introduced WOVO, a new communication platform to address low employee engagement, workers initially refused to use it. Based on their past experiences, they didn’t trust it.


Labor Solutions encouraged factory management to form a team of WOVO ambassadors. This team spoke to their fellow workers and conducted demonstrations to emphasize WOVO’s anonymity feature. Despite initial resistance and distrust, WOVO ambassadors began convincing workers to submit their grievances through WOVO.

Workers once again requested that their safety shoes be replaced, but this time the request came through WOVO. Management ensured the request was addressed promptly and news about the effectiveness and trustworthiness of WOVO spread. This, in turn, led to more workers utilizing the new platform.

Worker engagement improved and workers began using WOVO for all their grievances, requests and questions. Overcoming workers’ skepticism, WOVO created a positive impact resulting in a 161.0% increase in worker engagement within a month.


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