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Support in Uncertain Times: How One Factory in China used WOVO to Cope with Sudden COVID Lockdowns

China Covid Lockdowns


China’s dynamic zero-COVID policy has brought uncertainty across the nation and in early 2022, shut down manufacturing plants and factories critical to global supply chains. One factory in China using Labor Solutions’ WOVO experienced an unexpected lockdown during Chinese New Year; a festive period where many workers were already at home visiting their families. When one COVID-19 case was identified in their facility, factory management followed the government’s policy and took rapid response to ensure every remaining factory employee was quarantined in their dormitory. During that period, WOVO helped factory management stay connected with both employees in the dormitory and those celebrating at home with their families, building long-lasting patterns of trust between workers and their managers.

How WOVO Helped:

  1. Factory management posted a Newsletter on WOVO with the latest government mandated COVID-19 testing requirement and procedure. Factory managers sent messages to assuage employees’ anxiety and improve confidence + trust between workers and managers.

  2. For employees back at home and away from the factory site, management used WOVO’s Broadcast Featureto share the reopen date, remind them follow government’s anti-group-gathering policy, and encourage them to take a PCR test before arriving back at the factory.

  3. Workers away from the factory used WOVO Connect to tell their managers when they were placed under home quarantine and clarify why they were unable to return to work in time, improving staff retention and communication between workers and managers.

  4. Management also launched a feature through the WOVO app where workers whose friends or relatives joined the factory received a financial reward. This helped to strengthen employees’ engagement with factory while ensuring the factory met staffing goals.


After three weeks of quarantine and zero positive COVID-19 cases, the factory resumed normal production. Employees leveraged the WOVO app to express their sincere gratitude for factory management’s communication and emotional support during these uncertain times.

Based on the positive impact from WOVO, factory management is now considering leveraging WOVO to provide psychological support services so that all workers are aware of how they can raise and cope with concerns during this and future challenging times.

To ensure your company’s factories have the support they need for support and communication in uncertain times, get in touch at or here:


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