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Labor Solutions Recognized in Transformative Technology Report

Labor Solutions is featured in a report that highlights innovative digital solutions that are improving working conditions for migrant workers. Published by the Open Society Foundation, the Transformative Technology for Migrant Workers report highlights ways workers are being exploited including unsafe and inhumane working conditions, lack of payment, underpayment, and deceptive practices by recruitment agencies.

Migrant workers around the globe are vulnerable to abusive labor practice for a variety of reasons including language barriers, minimal education and lack of familiarity with legal rights. In addition, debt related to migration and competition for low-wage jobs often keep workers from reporting abuse.

Increasingly, businesses are facing pressure to uncover and address abusive practices taking place within their supply chains. The digital tools featured in the report are providing ways for companies to use mobile technology to rapidly collect information about working conditions from a large number of workers across multiple worksites.

Labor Solutions is recognized for its innovative dual-purpose technology that integrates worker voice functions into a single platform that also addresses human resource priorities including training, announcements and wellbeing resources. WOVO, Labor Solutions’ two-way communication platform, allows workers to anonymously voice concerns to management and also gives management a way to respond to workers’ input. WOVO is also capable of providing surveys, digital pay-slips, e-learning courses and coaching support.

When interviewed for the report, Head of Labor Solutions, Elena Fanjul-Debnam, shared that businesses are often motivated to adopt worker reporting tools because improved employee engagement supports improved worker productivity and reduced absenteeism and turnover. They can also help protect companies against legal, reputational and financial risks associated with reports of worker exploitation.

The report emphasizes that worker reporting tools are only effective when companies are willing and capable of addressing worker feedback in ways that benefit workers. Otherwise, workers will become distrustful and less likely to report concerns.


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