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Labor Solutions Featured as an Innovation That Improves Worker Welfare and Corporate Compliance

Atlas of Innovation for Economic Stability Identifies Eleven U.S. Innovations that Create Stable Incomes and Futures

Labor Solutions, which offers a suite of technology products to empower the evolving global workforce, is featured in The Atlas of Innovation for Economic Stability, published today by international NGO FHI 360 with support from The Rockefeller Foundation.

Labor Solutions' WOVO tool is mentioned as an "innovative mobile-based platform is designed to assess labor conditions and help employees improve their working standards, while giving international brands and retailers the ability to make more socially responsible sourcing decisions."

The Atlas is the result of a global research and crowdsourcing effort, and features more than sixty innovations from around the world that help individuals, households, communities, and countries survive and prosper even in the face of economic volatility.

Note: When this was published, Labor Solutions was still part of Workplace Options, thus the Labor Solutions' work is attributed to Workplace Options in this publication


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