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eLearning: New Curricula with Focus on Gender, Communication, and Leadership!

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

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Recently Labor Solutions had the pleasure of working with IDH, The Sustainable Trade Initiative, to develop new E-Learning courses and topics.  With a keen interest in gender equality in the workplace – especially in a factory context – IDH shared their institutional knowledge to inform topics such as Gender Awareness, Gender-Based Violence Prevention, and Sexual Harassment Prevention. Take a look at some of the learning objectives of each topic:

Gender Awareness

  • Understand what gender means

  • Identify ‘typical’ gender roles and understand why stereotyping can be harmful

  • Learn about gender role implications in the workplace

  • Understand gender equality and its objectives

Gender-based Violence Prevention

  • Understand what is gender-based violence (GBV)

  • Identify the typical forms of GBV

  • Learn what you should do if you experience or see violence in the workplace

Sexual Harassment Prevention

  • Identify the various types of sexual harassment in the workplace

  • Understand how sexual harassment cases should be managed

  • Understand why sexual harassment should be dealt with as soon as possible

Together we also honed several topics within our Basics of Communication and Leading Others courses: Effective Communication, Communication Skills for Collaboration, and Leadership Essentials.  You’ve probably heard of the ‘golden rule’ of communication: speak and listen as you’d like to be spoken and listened to, but have you considered the Platinum Rule: communicate with others in their preferred styles of speaking and listening?

With guidance to facilitate or at least contribute to a cohesive workplace rooted in mutual respect, our information and tips within these topics are valuable for all levels of employees, from line workers to managers, and for the overall good of a facility.

To get our full catalog of e-learning courses, reach out to or your Labor Solutions contact.



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