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Labor Solutions' Programs 

Holistic Programs Designed to
Create Impactful, Sustainable Change

Our programs are designed to address specific issues by pairing technology with tailored capacity building to support sustainable and valuable change in workplaces & supply chains. We know your team is small, that's why we're here to help.  Our programs are typically split into three phases:

Phase 1: Assessment and Program Design 

Phase 2: Implementation + In-Market Support

Phase 3: Monitoring and Evaluation + Ongoing Support

Programs include components such as; assessments, trainings, supplier capacity building, technology tools, eLearning and more.  

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Maximizing Worker Voice

We'll help you thoughtfully & strategically add worker feedback into your compliance program. Our team will help you align metrics, collect actionable data and follow up with workers.

Labor Solutions Focus Group Discussions

Social Dialogue & Communication

Communicating, listening and following up with workers is key to reducing risks. Our team works with you to upskill your team and help you design & implement an effective worker communication & engagement plan.  

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Grievance Management Programs

Give workers an accessible &  anonymous way to reach out and report problems in your supply chain.  Create a grievance management process that can be trusted.


Women Leadership & Empowerment 

Leadership teams should reflect the people they manage. But that is rarely the case.  Set an ambitious target of ensuring that at least 50% of management are women. We’ll help you get there. 

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Worker Engagement & Wellbeing

Studies show that an engaged workforce is a more productive workforce.  Our Engagement & Wellbeing program focuses on supplier capacity building, problem solving and increased access for workers to critical information and tools to improve their wellbeing. 


Migrant Worker Rights

Ensure workers in your supply chain know their rights and management teams protect those rights. Our program includes assessments, capacity building and elearning.  

Grievance Management
Worker Engagement & Wellbeing
Worker Voice & Compliance
Women in Leadership
Migrant Worker Rights
Social Dialouge
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