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Worker Surveys in Audits

Maximizing Worker Voice in
Compliance Programs

Worker feedback plays a key role in understanding risks and protecting human rights.  But  quickly and haphazardly adding worker surveys to audits could hurt workers more than help.


Leverage the expertise of our global team and our industry-leading technology to help you use the right incentives to collect the right data, to not only better understand, but also mitigate risks, all while improving the lives of workers.   

The program gives you access to the experience and expertise of our team in a structured format that makes implementation easy and long term sustainability possible.

Everyone is in a different point in their sustainability journey, therefore we've designed three levels of engagement to meet you where you are:

The Starter Kit

A Workshop for You

Identify and align key metrics, expectations, goals and a course of action.   

A Training for Suppliers

Set clear expectations and provide support for follow up 

Worker Survey 

Use our leading survey technology to gather actionable local and global data sets using industry- tested questions 

Engaged Member

In addition to all the Starter Kit Services, Engaged Members also receive: 

Increased Supplier Engagement & Participation 

Equip suppliers with more tools, trainings &  strategies for collecting & following up with  feedback. 

Increased Member Support

We'll provide you with an additional workshop post survey deployment to help you understand results and prepare for next steps.

Pro Member


In addition to all the services listed above, Pro Members also receive: 

One on One Training and Consultation with each Supplier to create an engagement action plan and strategy  ​

A Second Worker Survey 

To help you measure progress and performance over time. 

Learn more by reaching out to our team:

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