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Reducing Worker Stress- Increasing Productivity

Background: Access to social benefits and a proper remuneration is the right of every employee. Fixed minimum wage standards and prompt payments are requirements set by international labor-focused organizations that must be fulfilled by every company. Like several of our clients in manufacturing, Factory Six faced challenges in providing prompt salary payments and remuneration. This was a result of two factors: internal technical issues with the company’s payroll system, and the inability to notify employees of delays. Consequently, the number of questions and grievances regarding late payment continued to increase. In January 2017, 30% of messages from employees recorded by Factory Six were regarding payroll.

The Challenge

The Labor Solutions account manager coordinated with our internal data analyst and product development team to propose a strategy to help Factory Six overcome this issue.

First, we worked with the factory to develop standard announcements to be sent using the broadcast feature available on the WOVO platform’s dashboard. The message templates were developed to suit a variety of different needs—some of which announced anticipated delayed payment, and others providing specific details on when salaries would be paid. All messages were scheduled to be sent two weeks prior to the anticipated pay date.

Next, we worked with Factory Six to implement the technology. Through the application, management was able to post calendar reminders for each pay period and also submit detailed information related to remuneration and benefits in the form of newsletters. This provided the ability to manage communication to all employees at once, or specific groups, directly from their online dashboard.

As a result, the total number of messages related to payroll have decreased by 83% percent, in just three months after the strategy was implemented. These efforts have helped Factory Six better structure its communication, and thus give employees a sense of security in knowing when their salary will be paid long before the actual date.

In its efforts to continue this improvement, Factory Six has since utilized the calendar feature on the dashboard effectively. We noted that managers have scheduled reminders on pay dates months in advance on the dashboard.

Updates: Labor Solutions has since launched a Payslip feature to help Factory Six and other organizations follow compliance standards and communicate customized payroll documentation to each employee via our WOVO app.


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