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Monitoring Human Rights from Afar. Feeling Disconnected from Factories and Workers?

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

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Feeling disconnected from factories and workers?

With coronavirus the risk of human rights violations has increased. Emergency contingency plans often do not include provisions for protecting human rights. When demand is high, and the supply of workers is low risk mount. Increasingly organizations like ICTI are releasing guidelines for protecting human rights during COVID-19.

But, the spread of CONVID-19 has also resulted in many factories prohibiting external visitors. With no outside personnel allowed onsite, new measures need to be taken to ensure protocols are being followed and human rights protected.

Just because you can’t go onsite, doesn’t mean you can’t get keep your finger on the pulse of your workforce. Labor Solutions has a host of mobile- phone based remote services  designed to help provide oversight from afar.

Can’t go onsite for an audit? Surveys can.

Get direct feedback and real time data from front-line workers through SMS or remote survey deployment cards. We send surveys directly to workers phones, regardless where they are.

Use our standard or customized surveys to collect data quickly. In addition to our standard surveys we’ve recently released a new survey to address the specific challenges presented by coronavirus:

Social Compliance During an Emergency Survey, indicators include:

  • Compensation

  • Health and Safety

  • Freedom of Movement

  • Working Hours

  • Recruitment and Hiring

  • Worker Engagement

  • Worker Emotional Well-being

Within this survey we have added additional questions to better understand issues particularly relevant during an emergency, like ensuring access to personal safety equipment specific to an epidemic, like soap, hand sanitizer and spacing of workstations.

Survey deployment and implementation can be done as quickly as one week.

Critical onsite trainings postponed? Deliver information en masse through our mobile phone eLearning application.

In addition to our standard professional and personal development e-learning courses, we’ve recently released several courses to provide workers with clear information about the coronavirus and other tips like managing stress during an emergency.

WOVO E-learning is available for workers to access directly from their mobile phones.

We’ve also launched a free app, atun with BSR HERproject and School to School International to support workers who have been laid offed.

Worried about rumors and fake news spreading throughout the workforce? 

McKinsey & Company’s report on CONVID-19  says adopting a two-way communication system with workers is critical during a crisis. The report says these systems act as a clear source of truth, provide workers with confidential reporting mechanism and help employers have a clearer understanding of what is going.

WOVO allows for two-way messaging, broadcast messaging and more. Broadcast messaging ensures all workers receive clear messages and critical information at the same time.

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