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Absenteeism Rates in Garment Factory Drop With WOVO Promotion

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

Absenteeism Rates in Garment Factory Drop With WOVO Promotion

Good Business Lab is a non-profit, labor innovation start-up that designs, tests and scales worker well-being interventions. They recently shared the results of their pilot using WOVO in two Indian apparel facilities.

Good Business Lab conducted a randomized control trial, supported by The Children’s Place, that involved two garment factories in India employing approximately 7,500 workers. Workers were randomly assigned to the trial’s treatment group or control group. The treatment group was given access to WOVO and received encouragement via training and SMS reminders to use WOVO. The control group was also given access to WOVO, but did not receive any encouragement to use it.

The data showed that absenteeism rates of workers in the treatment group was lower. These results reflect what the Labor Solutions team consistently finds – companies that encourage the utilization of worker well-being tools via education and ongoing promotion reap maximum benefits.

Stay tuned. More research results to be released soon.


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