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Human Rights + Social Impact
Advisory Services 

We build + implement frameworks to identify risks + create strategies for prevention + remediation. 

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Defining the "S" in ESG

Every company’s first social responsibility is to their employees. Creating long-term sustainable change in supply chain human rights requires every stakeholder to take responsibility + ownership. Too often social impact teams get distracted and forget about their biggest impact. Labor Solutions strives to help refocus companies and drive long term impact.

Sustainable Solutions to Complex Issues 

No matter where you are in your journey of improvement, our team is well equipped to support your needs.

Human Rights Due Diligence 

Team or Supplier

Capacity Building

Human Resource Development 

eLearning custom


Program + Supplier Assessments



Program Strategy, Design + Management

Grievance Management + Remediation 

Research + Insights

Focus Group


Corrective Action Plan Design + Evaluation

Supply Chain


”With the client advisory support from Labor Solutions has led to many positive systematic changes. We are growing internal capacity in terms of policies, protocols and management practices to better communicate and engage with our workers.”

A Human Resource Director, Dongguan Pou Chen, China

Our Advisors

Our team of global specialists have tackled social sustainability issues from every angle. They have worked in house at large corporations, on the ground in facilities and for NGOs advocating for workers.

We are where you are.

13 Countries

17 Languages

eLearning design

eLearning Content Design

Transforming face-to-face trainings into online learnings can be challenging. eLearning requires engaging with users by employing a range of techniques not often used with face to face learning.


Our team of eLearning consultants will work with you to map the learning journey; design courses; videos, animations; activities and assessment and guide you to the right learning management system. 

Labor Solutions proved themselves as a trustworthy partner who can deliver the work not only on time but also beyond expectations. They helped us build a 1-hour online course with great design and practical interactions using their subject matter expertise in the field. We’re completely satisfied with the deliverables and hope to have opportunities to work with them in future projects. 

An International Development Agency eLearning Client


Customized Survey Design 

Creating a survey is an art form. Knowing how to ask the right question to measure your desired metrics often requires trial and error.


Luckily, our team has conducted thousands of surveys in over twenty countries and twenty five languages.  Our team will leverage their experience to create for you a customized survey that produces actionable data. You'll be able to access our industry-tested question bank and more to create the survey you need. 

Focus Group Discussions

Labor Solutions-administered Focus Group Discussions (FGD) foster lively and natural discussion with small groups of employees, be they workers, managers, or both.


FGDs are conducted by experienced facilitators focused on understanding “why” and “how,” often probing for details related to survey findings or worker interviews. We’re happy to work with you on customized FGD design and deployment.

Labor Solutions Focus Group Discussions

Read Insights from our Experts 

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