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We know employers in manufacturing, farming, and mining industries face unique and specific challenges, including managing a dispersed workforce and high turnover rates, dealing with issues of literacy and education, and navigating ever-changing demands from governments, regulatory bodies, and clients. Labor Solutions helps employers to overcome these challenges and to better support the needs of their workforce and clients.


NGOs + Multi-Stakeholder Groups

We partner and collaborate with NGOs and multi-stakeholder groups to amplify what they do best by creating technology solutions that help to multiply their impact and expand their reach.  Whether it's helping to collect data through surveys, disseminate information through eLearning or creating grievance management systems, we're here to help integrate technology with the mission of your organization. 



Our tools, developed using worker-centric design, empower workers with knowledge, access and dialogue tools.  We aim to be tech-agnostic to support a broad spectrum of technology availability and use across many countries. Our solutions allow workers to anonymously provide instant feedback, access eLearning and information to enhance their personal and professional well-being, and hear directly from leadership.


Brands + Retailers

Labor Solutions leverages technology to help brands & retailers go beyond traditional compliance and implement programs that generate better data from more workers and create lasting change via supplier ownership. We are experts in worker engagement, dialogue and wellbeing, and our on-the-ground client advisors ensure programs meet the specific and local needs of each facility. 



Traditional audits often have limitations on the amount of input collected from workers. Labor Solutions’ tech-based tools, including worker surveys, and Labor Line help facilitate the cost-effective collection of worker voice en masse, with built-in anonymity for workers to express themselves honestly.

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