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Utilization of WOVO Continues to Increase as Pandemic Continues


As the pandemic continues, utilization of WOVO continues in increase. In these uncertain and stressful economic times, workers are asking more questions to their management than ever. From February to March, we have seen utilization rates of WOVO increase tremendously across the region:

  • Vietnam – 91% increase in messages sent by workers

  • Indonesia – 50% increase

  • Cambodia – 173% increase

  • China – 129% increase

In turn, management also increased outreach to workers:

  • 100% increase in the number of broadcast messages sent globally by managers to workers from February to March

  • 27% increase in the number of newsletters sent globally by managers to workers from February to March

Managers using WOVO during the COVID-19 outbreak report that they are happy to have access to a digital technology that allows them to keep in touch with workers even when those workers are staying at home.  For factories laying off or indefinitely furloughing workers, WOVO will be key to getting workers back on the line when government restrictions ease and orders continue. Hear from human resource directors who are using WOVO to build trust and improve moral during COVID. 

Does your company or workplace have a corporate communications tool in place? A recent McKinsey & Company report on COVID-19 says that adopting a two-way communication system with workers is critical during a crisis. The study says that these systems act as a clear source of truth, provide workers with confidential reporting mechanisms, and help employers have a clearer understanding of what is going from the perspective of workers.

Reach out so we can help you set up WOVO – and other tools we developing in response to COVID-19 disruptions – in your facility quickly.

We will continue to update this data as the crisis continues.



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