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Brands and Retailers:

Reduce Risks Through

Engagement & Improvement 

Brands and Retailers use the Worker Engagement Dashboard to support workers and suppliers and go beyond compliance to ensure meaningful change for workers.

The Worker Engagement Dashboard is one dashboard for all your suppliers and worker engagement programs globally. 

Beyond Compliance

Go beyond just measuring risk into support and capacity building

Change your relationship with suppliers from “catch-ya” to support and capacity building. Rather than regulate, help suppliers increase their capacity and get better results. 

Meaningful Data

Focus on the right metrics. Collect actionable, meaningful data.

Focus on collecting data that suppliers can use to create change. Ask worker engagement and well-being questions that employers care about and can act on. Use engagement scores to measure risks.

Labor Solutions Focus Group Discussions
Better Results

Empowered Suppliers have Better Results 

Suppliers who feel, or are, policed are more likely to suppress issues rather than address them due to fear of client retaliation. Higher engagement scores indicate worker trust and reduced risks.

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