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Labor Line: 

A Global Complaints + Grievance Case Management Tool

Comply with Emerging Laws + Regulations

Multi-Channel Reporting: Accessible via Any Phone

Global Availability + Multi-Lingual Support

Anonymous Worker-Centric Protocols   

Labor Solutions Answers, Triages, Escalates + Oversees Every Case 

Robust Reporting

Labor Line - Case Submission_edited.jpg

A Global, Labor Solutions Managed, Supplier Engaged Helpline

  • Managed Grievance + Escalation Protocols: Direct handling by Labor Solutions to ensure each case is appropriately triaged, escalated, and closed with worker.

  • Customizable Protocols: Follow our standard protocol or we can follow yours. 

  • Supplier Collaboration: Engages Suppliers in the process, allowing direct remediation first. 

  • Worker-Centric Protocols: Cases are processed according to custom protocols, ensuring worker protection and protocol adherence.

Anonymous, Multilingual + Accessible on Any Phone 

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Kisok, Voice, SMS, WeChat, WhatsApp, Weblink, Viber, Email + More

Purpose Built Case Management System

Live tracking of actions with a dashboard designed for regulatory reporting and insights. 

  • All Actions + Data Saved for Regulatory Reporting

  • Suppliers Only Have Access to Necessary Information

  • Aggregated + Detailed Data Available 

Add eLearning Modules to Maximize Impact 

Deploy with eLearning modules to ensure all workers know, not only how to access the tool, but their rights + responsibilities, reinforcing the system's efficacy.


Read how eLearning improves outcomes of grievance mechanisms.

Uncovered a Grievance, Now What?
A Road to Remediation

We work with partners to do on-the-ground investigations and dig deeper into any grievance claims.

Uncovering an issue is just the beginning of a long process of improvement and reconciliation. Labor Solutions’ client advisors can help. We’ll work with you and your team on creating, implementing and monitoring a corrective action plan.

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