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Available via the WOVO App + Online Portal or for Licensing

Maximize Your Reach + Impact

Ensure Everyone in Your Value Chain Knows
Their Rights + Responsibilities

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A Growing Library of Lessons in
18+ Languages

Lessons to Reduce Risks, Support Growth
+ Improve Social Outcomes

Regularly Updated + Tested-Curricula

A Core Set of Lessons Based on
Universal Workplace Risks

Designed for Each Stakeholder

Worker | Manager | Practitioner

Created by Subject Matter Experts + Leading Instructional Designers

Decades of Experience Behind Every Lesson

A Powerful Learning Management System Designed for
Complex Value Chains

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A Platform to Reach Scale + Grow
Designed with Accessibility in Mind

Easily Deploy Across All Suppliers via Web, Mobile, WOVO Platform or Your Own Platform

Accessible Even with Limited or No Data

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Reports For Assurance + Transparency

Live Data to Ensure Your Global Workforce Is Up To Date

Easily Assign Lessons for Suppliers, Teams or Individuals

Global Comparable Data Sets to Track Progress at Scale

Have Content?
Interested in Supporting Workers Globally? Want to Expand Your Reach?

We have worked with companies, NGOs and others to create leading content and curricula to maximize their reach globally.

The Labor Solutions' Difference:

Affordable + Effective Solution to Keep Workforces Up To Date at Scale

More Productive Workforces + Safer Working Environment


Educating Workers on Rights + Responsibilities: Key to a Functioning Grievance Mechanism. Read More


Financial Literacy Lessons Helped One Company See a 23% Increase in Worker Satisfaction. Read More

Faster and More Effective than Face-to-Face Trainings


Less Time Needed than

Face-To-Face Training


Higher Retention Rate than

Face-To-Face Training

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